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Ways to decorate your awkward room corners

Most of us have dealt with awkward corners at one point in our lives. It can be frustrating, because these corners aren’t big enough for furniture, but at the same time you don’t know how to fill them. These spaces may be unused right now, but with some creativity and good planning they can certainly be put to good use. Give some time to think about how you can transform your corner into a beautiful space that enhances your home’s decor. Don’t get your nook overlooked, follow these simple ways to decorate your awkward corner. 

Create a cute little work space

If you’re struggling for work space, how about converting your corner into a mini office space. A long and narrow desk would be a perfect placed in your nook. You could also pick bespoke seating that can be designed to work in awkward spaces. Hanging work boards on the wall with sticky notes would also work a treat. A modern floor lamp at the side is ideal if you have any extra space left. Awkward corners tend to create a shadow which causes them to be dark, so lighting is very beneficial.

Add a Fireplace

To make the most of your corner space, you could install a fireplace to give your room that extra comfort and warmth. A fireplace acts as a great focal point for family and friends to gather around, so why not make use of that drafty spot in your room and create a warm and inviting fireplace area for all.

Decorative cube units

If you’re looking for practical storage solutions on a budget then cube units are the answer to your corner space problems. They’re modern, sleek and they can be adapted to suit your needs. If you don’t like assembling units, then you’ll love these seamless cube units. I particularly favour these storage options because they are sturdy and easy to assemble – perfect when you’re always on the go.  Used in every room these units can hold everything from books to baskets. If you’re feeling adventurous you could even opt for a home bar filled with glasses, plates and drinks, the options are endless. Cube shelving can be used for virtually anything, and it’s great for dividing all of your items in a free flowing way.

Hanging baskets or planters

If you have a very compact space, then an ideal way to bring the outside in to your home is through hanging baskets or planters. Hanging baskets are a great way of creating a tidy, clean and trendy looking area. Try to get in as much greenery as you can with plants and flowers added in there too, as this will give off a refreshing and organic feel. Woven type planters or hanging baskets mix contemporary with rustic charm. If baskets are not for you, then you could instead try ceramic hanging pots or brass hangers, which are easy to mount from the ceiling.

Create your own little sitting area

Adding an accent chair to your corner is the perfect finishing touch to your space. A accent piece such as a chair can blast life and radiance into your home. Accent chairs come in various styles, shapes and sizes, so are always spoilt for choice. Try to go for something versatile to match your personality and that will compliment your existing decor. When you’re comfortable with your chair, why not build a sitting room style area around your chair. Add baskets, plants, a reading light, a book cabinet or table etc. go wild! 

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