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Wall art ideas that will inspire your creative side

living room wall art

It’s amazing how bare walls can instantly be converted into stylish centrepieces, thanks to modern wall decor. Wall art is more than pictures on a wall, they are unfolding stories with multiple perspectives. Picking the right wall art is paramount when it comes to injecting your own personality into your functional walls. Keep reading for some interesting wall art ideas that will bring life to your space.

View the Levvy Metallic Wall Art Sculpture, Brass & Copper, at Made

If you’re looking for a dynamic new approach to wall art, then it’s time to explore metallic wall sculpture art. With edgy options such as 3D animal art, wire art sculptures and abstract mirrored art, you’ll always find a contemporary options to spruce up your empty walls in no time.

You’ll find the stunning Vortex Geometric Wall Mirror at Artisanti

Geometric is all the craze right now, and it’s no surprise! A geometric styled mirror really is a unique twist to modernism, as it creates a stunning eye-catching frame that reflects both natural and artificial light. I love the way the geometric shapes play on depth to produce a stunning crystal clear reflection, creating a striking optical illusion effect. The Vortex Geometric Wall Mirror is my favourite, because it oozes sophistication through the fascinating arrangement of modern triangular shapes. 

The Premier Housewares Stag Silhouette Wall Plaque can be located on the Robert Dyas site

It’s easy to see why traditional Silhouette wall art is so popular. Silhouettes mask portions of images, naturally making us want to use our imagination to find out more, creating a sense of mystery about them. Silhouettes in the form of handmade plaque art bring both artistic flair and rustic charm to any surroundings. You could customise some silhouette plaques of members of your household or family pets as an effective way of characterising your heart warming home.

Head over to Oka to check out the Set of 12 Multi bird paintings

Gallery walls can make a very personal statement in your home. They are the perfect way to add your own personal style to your space, as they allow all of your favourite prints to be brought to the forefront. Filling your wall with gorgeous art sets are effortless, because you can arrange your collection of art in while keeping in line with the existing theme. Because I’m an avid animal lover, I embrace my exotic animal prints through my wall galleries. Animals subtly make a powerful statement to me, and that’s why my animals live through my wall art.

Bedroom Wall art

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