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The ultimate guide to choosing the best side table

Living room side table

Your side table says a lot about your own individual style and personality. They are the low-key underestimated furniture that rarely get the glory, but they are in fact vital when it comes to the essence of a functional living space. Aside from the decorative benefits, a side table’s main job is to provide additional surface space, ensuring that all essentials are within easy reach. While there are so many options out there, it can feel rather daunting choosing a well rounded side table that fits all of your needs. There’s also a number of important factors to take into consideration when hunting for the perfect side table, so let me break it down for you into the following sections. You’ll never be panicking again on your next side table shopping spree!

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Depending on the room and its purpose, it’s important to choose a side table at the right height. Ideally, you want your side table to be about the same depth and height as your couch. The dimensions of your existing couch, will help determine the right size for your end side tables. A mismatched side table that is too high for your couch, will make it harder to reach your desired drink or your beloved book, plus it won’t be visually pleasing. A side table that is lower than your couch is more preferable to one that is higher, but the main aim is that your table falls in line with the height and scale of your other furniture, so that it  remains a conversation piece rather than a nuisance. The rule of thumb, is that your side table height should always sit within a 5cm either side range of the arm height of your couch.

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What are you going to use your side table for? It’s important to ask yourself this important question, when you’re on the hunt for your side table. You’ll want to ensure that you have enough surface area on your side table to store your regular items that you use. For example if you use your side table for gadgets and tech items such as chargers, electronic devices and headphones, then you could opt for more of a functional, minimalistic design with drawers, to prevent clutter on the top of your table. Or, if you prefer to use your side table just for decoration purposes, then you could opt for a smaller and more trendy style of table. 

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There are so many different style choices when it comes to side tables, so it can be incredibly overwhelming choosing a side table that will elegantly enhance the decor of your space. The type of material you use for your coffee table, will depend on the existing design scheme of your room. If you have a farmhouse style, a natural wooden side table will really compliment your decor with a homely, rustic vibe. If your decor is inspired by all things contemporary, then metal bases and glass or marble tops work well. Another important factor to look at is the shape of your side table – round tables are perfect for bringing balance to a room, while square tables tend to offer more surface space, plus a square shaped table will slot into your awkward corners more readily. If your decor comprises of upholstered pieces or bold patterns, then you may want to tone your side table down with a more basic streamlined look. If you’re going for a edgier style of side table to spruce a plain space, then you could opt for a more arty, abstract design. 

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Bedroom side table

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