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Make your garden look beautiful this autumn

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With the autumn weather fast approaching, gardens tend to take a back seat when it comes to our interior goals. But you don’t need to let your garden fade this autumn, there’s lots of unique ways that you can accomplish the perfect autumn atmosphere for your yard. I’m going to look at some affective ways to bring fresh touches to your autumn garden. 

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Perennials are a great choice for the autumn months, as they are versatile plants, which are very easy to grow. Perennials are known for being long living plants, with their stems dying in late autumn and early winter. Their roots then survive in the ground during winter, popping up again in spring time. With many perennials to choose from, ranging from herbaceous and sedum to helenium and phlox – you’ll be always spoilt for choice. Perennials need minimal upkeep in the form of watering and fertilising, so they really are a wonderful autumn plant option. 

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If you’re looking for a water resistant glamorous seating option this fall, then why not invest in a outdoor hanging swing chair. Who said swing chairs were just for the summer? Swing chairs actually make wonderful additions to any contemporary autumn garden, as they add a calming aura of effortless chic. Most swing chairs are made from rattan weave material, which is greatly hardwearing for the colder months. Even if it’s too cold to curl up and read that book – you’ll still be making a trendy statement peice with your truly indulgent hanging structure. 

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Why not watch time go by with the addition of a sublime outdoor clock. Clocks are a brilliant accessory for the garden, raising the visual aspect for any outdoor space. All outdoor clocks will have a water resistant finish, serving well as a stylish and practical solution for the outdoors. I particularly love the roman numeral style of clock, because they’re just so mysterious and characteristic. It’s amazing how such a small accessory can create such a striking focal point within the garden.

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Adding lighting to your garden this autumn is guaranteed to bring a touch of magic at night. Arranging your lighting subtly and just right, will highlight the pretty spaces of your garden that you are eager to show off. You will find that by adding night lighting, you’ll also be giving a garden more depth and creating the look of more space. Different types of garden lighting will give off different looks. For example, bollard lights are typically used in larger garden areas to light up pathways. Spotlights bring a narrower beam of light to a space. String lights are usually used for decorative purposes and they can certainly help to set the mood. Solar powered lights are typically a good choice, as they are very easy to install and are a good option for the outdoors when electrical power is not easily accessible.

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