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Interesting modern furniture ideas for your pets

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We dote on our beloved pets, and we have good reason to! Our pets bring us joy, companionship and undivided love and attention. Over 12 million of us in the UK alone, share our homes with pets –  that shows to us that pets are seen as extended family. When we think of pet furniture, we often think of generic old fashioned pet beds, however modern pet furniture is significantly on the rise now. Instead of disturbing your decor with unwanted mismatched pet furniture, new contemporary furniture options will see the style of your home finishing soar through the stratosphere. Read on for some creative modern pet furniture ideas, guaranteed to accentuate your home.

You can view the Kyali Dog Sofa, S/M, Dark Grey on the Made site 

Our pets just love to curl up on our snug sofas, but pets and sofas don’t always get on very well. From moulting hairs to scratches, these problematic issues can leave our sofas looking tired and worn in weeks. Although we adore our pets, we also want to maintain the look of our sofas while enjoying our sofa space. So the solution?…Opting for a stylish new pet friendly sofa is ideal for both keeping within the style of your contemporary decor, plus giving you and your pet the space you both need. Nowadays, there’s some incredibly sleek options, lending a modern twist to trendy home interiors. If you want your pet sofa to have a durable life, adding a slip cover is very beneficial for tackling unwanted pet hair, accidents and scratches.

Invest in a stylish teepee pet tent

you can find the Zeller Stylish Teepee tent on Amazon

Cute, right? If you’re looking for a chic decorative addition to your room, a teepee tent is the perfect escape for any pet. Cosy and playful, these furniture accents make the perfect sturdy cove for our little fur babies. Sometimes pets just want a safe hideaway to nap, hide or rest – a teepee not only fulfils your pets needs in so many ways, but you’ll also be adding sheek elegance to your pets favourite spot, with this organically zen pet furniture piece

If you want to add a pet cave to your decor, check out the Qchomee Ottoman indoor pet cave stool at Amazon

Stools have so many useful functions, including storage space, but who says your stool has to be limited to keeping just home items! You’ll find that there’s a great deal of multi-functional pet friendly stools out there nowadays, purposely built with custom made animal compartments. These tailor made stools have built in pet entrances, allowing a versatile space for pets to retreat into. Some Ottoman products, have gone as far as re-creating stools as real houses, complete with windows and doors for your pets. Not only are these pet cave stools a secure and comfortable solution for your pets, they also suit contemporary home decoration, effortlessly slotting into all the right nooks.

You can check out the Kyali Oval Pet Bed, Small, Natural Ash & Grey on the Made website 

If you’re on the look out for pet furniture that’s uniquely styled, comfortable and effortlessly chic, then the oval style pet bed could be the ideal option for your pet. Not only is the oval shape distinctively quirky, the cosy bolstered edge the bed makes for the ultimate resting spot. My shorthair cats aren’t lovers of the standard open cat bed, but they love to take turns in their warm and comforting oval beds. There’s something about being hidden, that cats adore. This is what makes the oval bed so great, animals 

Comfy Pet bed

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