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Inspiring DIY desk solutions that will make the most out of your office space

Office desk

Desks are by far one of the most multi-functional pieces of furniture in the home. There are so many designs and types of desks nowadays, versatile enough to fit into any room, it’s all about having the styling know-how, to get started. As a home worker, the importance of having a well organised workspace area, allowing you room for all of your work based tasks is key. During the Coronavirus pandemic, remote working is increasingly becoming even more common, therefore creating a productive and stylish work space for yourself is paramount in the world of home working. Let’s look at some space saving DIY desk solutions that will turn your office dream into reality.

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If you’re looking to maximise room space, but you require a large office area, then a wrap around desk could be the option for you. A specific L shaped desk will allow you to make the most of awkward areas, neatly slotting into place. You’ll also find this type of desk will provide modern functionality, sleekly enhancing your work corner and customising your space into a creative hub

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Another wonderful space saving option is to invest in a floating desk. An innovative wall mounted desk is perfect for optimising space to the fullest, creating an all round fancy alcove for yourself. Floating desks come in many shapes and sizes, so you can choose the best individual option for your tailored office needs.

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Murphy desks are designed to be extremely resourceful, as they can be folded in the corner when they’re not in use, saving lots of space. These types of folding desks allow you to be much more frugal with your money, making the perfect inexpensive pop-up home office option. Murphy desks are also lightweight and easy move to around, providing  optimal flexibility when making office design alterations. 

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If you want to maximise space in a small office, then ample storage in the form of drawers and shelving will work a treat for your home office. I’m sure you have lots of paper work, books, documents and stationary that increasingly pile up on the top of your desk from day to day. Office storage will put an end to all of your built up cluttered chaos. Why not combine some contemporary built in desk drawers with some wall shelving to create a perfect workstation. You’ll find that by creating added storage, you’ll also be adding sophistication to your room decoration, pulling off a completely professional business look.

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