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Follow these steps to make your living room look bigger

Follow these steps to make your living room look bigger

It can be extremely frustrating when you feel like you’ve nothing to work with, in a smallish room. I certainly feel your pain, it’s all a learning curb and it’s about utilising space to the maximum. Keep reading for tips on making a small living room seem much larger.

Be shelf savvy

It’s so easy to build clutter with too many units and storage containers. I find that shelving is particularly useful because items that would otherwise be stored on ground level, can be lifted up high and this automatically brings height to any room, because the focus is lifted. Big bookcases are a great choice because they make ceilings look higher. I also think that if you can store items on shelves, there’s less need to keep extra storage lower down and this in turn gives the room more breathing space. Try not to over clutter your shelves too much, if you can manage to leave a little bit of unused space here and there, it will make the space look bigger.

Monochromatic colour schemes

 You ask me what monochromatic is? ‘Mono’ means single and ‘chromatic’ means color, therefore a monochromatic room would consist of different shades of one colour. It can be easy to get carried away with lots of different colours but it can sometimes overwhelm a room and take away space. To create maximum space, it can really pay to use a single base and then you can extend on this using its shades, tones and tints. Tints can be achieved by adding white. Shades and tones are achieved by adding a darker colour like grey or black.

Focus on each corner of the room

It’s amazing what the minds eye can visage, the illusion is within the placement of position. When arranging furniture it’s always best to place the large furniture items in each corner of a room, that way you will free up more space across your walls and within your room. An easy way to make a room feel wider is to create a wide focal point at one narrow end of the room. A large cabinet in the corner would draw the eye inward, focusing on the length of the piece and creating the illusion of width across the side walls.

Keep the colour of your curtains the same as your wall

If really want to make a room seem bigger, then you should keep your curtains in the same colour as the paint on your walls. This way, the curtains will blend into the walls instead of intruding on the space available and making your living room look smaller. Try to keep with light colours also, as heavy, dark-coloured drapes can crowd a room, making it look smaller.


Mirrors are great, because they reflect both natural and artificial light to make a room brighter. Bigger is better when it comes to mirrors, so if you’re able to afford investing in a large tall mirror, then this would really bounce light into the room. However, if you are on a smaller budget you could group a cluster of mirrors together and go for the abstract approach. Displaying a group of mirrors together will add character your room and it will reflect light in different directions.

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