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How to make the most of your small kitchen

The kitchen is the perfect place to unwind after a hard day. It’s the real hub of the home, a place for entertaining and dining. But not everyone is blessed with a large and sociable kitchen, in smaller spaces it’s easy to feel like your kitchen is cluttered and cramped. My motto; it’s what you do with your space that counts! I’m going to show you some ways to make your kitchen scheme feel as spacious as possible.

Going for an all white kitchen will make your kitchen feel considerably bigger, because white reflects light and creates a sense of space. If you’re looking to recede your walls, then white is the way to go. However if white is a bit too much for you, then a neutral colour scheme will work just as well. A yellow colour scheme can create both a welcoming and sunny vibe. You could try pale greens if you prefer a rich tranquil look. Grey is a nice neutral to use, and it creates a subtle contrast with white. For example, you could paint your kitchen cabinets a grey colour and keep everything else white or light. Or, you could use grey paint/ tiles for your walls, adding white cabinets for a light, bright affect. You could even add a third colour as an accent within your small appliances, towels and cookware etc. To prevent a mismatched colour scheme, try to keep the majority of your kitchen colour within the same tone, you don’t want your kitchen to look too busy with colour. But you can bring your kitchen to life with little pops of colour within your blinds, accessories and appliances.

Add a floating table

Making some little tweaks to your kitchen can really open up your countertop space with minimal expense. A really effective way of opening up your kitchen is a floating table. Not only does a floating table give the illusion of more space, it’s affordable and above all it is adaptable. A great benefit of a floating table, is that you can change it’s layout according to function. In the day time you could pop on some flowers and a pretty vase, while in the evening you could lay the table with a gorgeous selection of tableware. If you have a particularly small kitchen, installing a floating table on an unused wall will really free up floor space for you because when your table is not being used, this handy little piece of furniture will neatly tuck away from sight.

Kitchen Shelving

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To optimise wall space, open storage such as shelving is a perfect solution. Solid cabinets can make kitchens look smaller and they tend to obstruct the kitchen’s flow, but by adding shelving, you’ll create an entirely different open plan feel to your kitchen. To add character and charm, you can store your everyday dishes on your shelving, along with display items such as plants, glasses, pots and much more. Another option is opting for back wall lighting behind your shelving. The more light, the bigger the space will feel.

Choose Reflective surfaces

Shiny surfaces spread significant light through to your kitchen area. Reflective surfaces carry natural light from windows, which then bounce artificial light directly into your space. In addition to mirrors, other reflective surfaces can also make a kitchen feel bigger, such as shiny floors, chromed fixtures, glossy cabinets, surfaces and glass tiles. High gloss tiles in particular are a perfect way to enhance the light and brighten up your kitchen. Adding all of this additional reflective light into your kitchen will guarantee a wonderfully light and airy space.

Be clutter free

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And lastly, we move onto the most simplest of changes – keep your countertops and windowsills free. It’s so easy to get carried away with plants, appliances, pots and pans, but to allow space for your kitchen, it’s better to let go of those overly decorative items that only collect dust. Eliminating worktop clutter is essential when maintaining a spacious and open look for your kitchen. You can keep your kitchen wear in kitchen cupboards or onto shelves however if you don’t have the space in your kitchen, you could store the items indoor garage or spare room.

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