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How to create the ultimate cozy bed

How do stores, magazines and websites know how to make a bed look so snuggly and inviting? Who hasn’t admired those super stylish beds displayed all over the store pages. It may seem impossible to get your own bed looking as esquisite and as cozy as the beds we see on a front cover of a magazine, but once you learn the basics of bed craftsmanship you’ll be able to recreate your bed so it looks just as beautiful and fluffy as the ones you see advertised. Follow these main tips to see the best results…

Lay the foundations

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Investing in a good quality mattress and mattress cover is crucial for your overall health. A mattress should provide the best possible posture support for your body, plus it should be durable and built to last. One of the most vital human needs is having a restful sleep, so it’s important to get the fundamentals just right. Mattresses are made of foam, inner springs, fabric, water or air. There’s no ‘right’ material to choose, but generally firm mattresses work well for stomach sleepers, soft mattresses are more suitable for side sleepers and back sleepers would ideally need a mattress in the middle. Buying a mattress topper for your bed is also a great idea, as it provides support to prolong a mattresses life, plus it adds extra layer of cushioning for that extra sink-in-deep factor.

Linen choices

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There’s nothing better than jumping into a soft, cozy bed after a long hard day. Your bed sheets will provide the much needed quality and comfort that you desire, but how do we go about pick the right linen set. Texture is key when shopping for the best quality bed linen. Cotton sheets in particular are perfect, as they offer a clean, crisp texture and excellent durability. Cotton is also a 100% natural fibre with a lasting soft finish – ideal for a dreamy slumber! As well as the comfort value, linen also serves as a decorative addition. Whether you opt for patterned or plain linen, it’s important that you are picking a suitable match that fits with your current bedroom design scheme

Dreamy duvet

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So, how do you choose the right duvet cover for ultimate comfort value. You ideally want a lightweight duvet that you can breath in, while at the same time proving lots of warmth through those winter months. In terms of materials, hollow fibre and feather & down, are the two most popular options, though you’ll also find duvets in wool, silk and microfibre. Feather & down duvets are great because they are lightweight, cosy and they retain heat well. Hollow fibre are most popular because they’re easy to care for plus they’re made of synthetic material, which is ideal for allergy sufferers. Silk is an alternative choice, if you’re looking for a breathable and indulgent nights sleep. A silk duvet adds all the warmth you need, without overheating. If you still need help picking the right duvet, you’ll find a handy duvet and pillows buying guide on the habitat site

Bed patterns and colours

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Now here’s the fun part….here is where you get to be creative.  Which colour, pattern and texture will you choose for your bed? Do you want one solid colour or do you prefer patterns? Fortunately, duvet cover and cushions are readily available in a variety of colours and patterns online and in store, so you’ll never be spoilt for choice. Look at your existing walls, carpets, curtains etc to give you guidance with your bedspread.  Your bed is the main attraction of your room, so you’ll want to bring lots of character into your bedroom through your bedding. If your decor is already bold, then you could go for a subtle one colour approach, or if your bedroom is craving more vibrancy, go for a fun, stylish pattern. Stacking a few cushions on top of your bed will certainly add a dash of colour, texture and style to your bed also. 

Add on a bed throw

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A bed throw is a decorative fabric or quilt, used to cover your bed with. Throws are wonderful because they are an inexpensive way of changing the whole of your bedroom’s appeal. They add flavour, warmth and comfort – the perfect exquisite finish to your well designed bed. It’s amazing what little changes can make, choosing a complimentary throw will transform your bedroom into a luxurious boutique. If you have a plain light neutral bed cover, then a patterned throw  with a bolder colour will bring out the radiance within your sheek design. 

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