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How to choose a colour scheme for your living room

When it comes to selecting the right colour palette for our living space, where do we even begin? Choosing a colour combination for your home interior can be a challenge in its self, because we all know how colour can have a large effect on how our home looks and feels. If you’re stuck on how to choose a colour scheme, then read on. My guide will hopefully leave you with a better understanding of the basics of colour, and the affect it will have on your living room interior. The best way to get started is to look at the Colour Wheel – You’ll find what Primary, Seconday and Tertiary colours are, plus you will see how different colour combinations can affects the space and mood of your room.

The Colour Wheel

Beige is in!

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Beige can easily be ignored, but it’s actually a perfect colour to use in home design because it’s a neutral shade which works very well with additional hues. Instead of looking at beige as a plain colour, see it as a way to enrich your space. By layering beige up with light and dark contrasting colours, you’ll be creating a very attractive space for yourself. Even though beige goes with just about any colour or design scheme imaginable, you’ll find that greys, white and light browns work particularly well with beige, as they produce an earthy warmth when mixed together. If you like a less subtle look, then you can use brighter colours like turquoise, blues and reds as accent hues.

Light tone-on-tones

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It’s amazing what little colour can do. Tone-on-tone colouring is a decorative technique that takes a single or a small selection of colours and it uses the different saturations of that same colour to create definition throughout your space. An example would be picking a certain colour and using slightly different saturations of that colour all over your living room. Harmonious shades of pure white and cream are wonderful, mixed with abstract patterns and textures which can blend beautifully. Art work and ornaments can also be used to add character to this affect. Using the tone-on-tone method will result in an elegant and refined feel to your space. This doesn’t just work for white and creams either, plus you can use more than one colour to achieve it’s style.

Go for shade of grey

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Grey is an extremely versatile colour, opening you up to a world of possibilities. Grey can create a warm scheme or a cool one. Grey can be edgy or calm – the options are endless. So how do you go about creating a different look with grey, which also matches your own personal style…let’s see. Greys don’t only go great with other colours, but layering colours of the same palette work just as well. There are many variations of grey, and ultimately a great look is to work with a mixed blend of shades. From pastel grey to shadow grey, each shade of grey will create a different type of look. For example, for more contemporary schemes you could go for a darker, more dramatic grey. For a classic inspired vintage theme, a lighter grey would suit with blue and green-toned greys. If like me, you love colour – you can start bringing in complimentary accent colours mauves, light blues, and pinks – or the colour of your choice. Remember grey goes with anything, but what’s more important is the mood you’re trying to create for your own personal haven. 

Electric blue

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If you’re looking for quirky meets elegance, then you may want to venture into the blue spectrum. Electric blue offers the upmost character, charm and radiance any space. The above photo demonstrates that you can modernise a room with blue, accents of white and black, abstract art work, trendy rugs and cool coffee tables. Even if you have a small space, blue will visually uplift the tone of the room and will create the illusion of space. 

Sofa and cushion

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