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Finding the best floor lamps – the ultimate beginners buying guide

Living room floor lamp

You’ll always find a different floor lamp for every taste and mood. Stand alone floor lamps provide a great source of feature lighting, adding style and elegance to your living area. But with so many styles of floor light to choose from now, finding the best one can be rather daunting at first. This is where the Decoromma buying guide comes in, we’ll help inspire you find the type of floor lamp that will work best for you. Keep on reading for some handy tips and ideas…

Where do you want to place your floor lamp?

Floor lamp

Due to their larger size, floor lamps are often placed in the corner or behind sofas and lounge chairs, but generally they are versatile enough to be placed in nearly every space. The only place you want to avoid is placing your floor lamp in the middle of the room, to avoid any obstructions. If you want to make a big statement with your floor lighting, then take colours, height and style into consideration, as you’ll want a bold floor lamp that draws all eyes in immediately. Room size also plays a big part in the positioning of your lamp. For example, if you were short on space and you wanted an eye-catching statement making piece, you could opt for a tall base with a flamboyant lamp shade, which takes up less horizontal space.

What sort of style are you aiming for?

Floor lamp

Floor lamp bases come in a variety of different materials such as wood, brass and marble. You’ll find that there’s a wealth of different light fixtures and lamp shades to match your current room’s style and decor. Your room may just need a fresh lease of life, craving character and new elements from an elegant floor lamp. Whether you’re looking for contemporary, abstract or classic, there will always be a suitable option for you. In terms of styling, it’s a whole lot of fun mixing and matching different shades and styles. You could even use multiple lighting for a bright and refreshing look, or you could add a combination of tables, chairs and accesories to your lighting to add depth to your space. 

What will your floor lamp be used for?

Floor lamp

It’s important to know what kind of light you want within your space. If you require your light for reading or arts and crafts, then an adjustable task light would be a perfect choice. Task lighting will offer you both practical and direct light for your endeavours. Just a small tip; lamps that are used next to chairs for reading, should have the bottom of the shade around eye level when you’re sitting down. If you’re like me and you prefer warm lighting that will softly brighten up the dark corners of your room, then ambient lighting is a better choice for you. You can instantly set the mood with a pretty ambient light. Or, you could just simply just opt for a contemporary accent floor lamp that’s best for decorative use. Accent lighting plays an important part in any home decor scheme because it will instantly light up a dull space, creating strong visual focus and more interest towards the source of the light. I’ve seen some wonderful unique, custom pieces around at affordable prices. it’s all about knowing where to shop. Let me show you some lush lamps that have stood out to me lately…

Decoromma's top floor lamp picks

This is the fun part! Now is the time to find a beautiful floor lamp. There’s a vast variety of lamps listed below. If you’d like know more about each product, then click on the photos and product title to get all of the additional info.

I hope you’re feeling inspired. If you are looking at ways to light up your modern bedroom also, please pop over to the blog for some ideas.

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