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Easy autumn inspired decor ideas that will spark your creativity

Autumn pumpkin decor accessories

Autumn, the cosiest season has officially arrived! The warm seasonal colours are coming into play, and the autumn hues of nature are welcoming our homes. So how should we go about decorating our interiors for this magical season? Let’s indulge in the velvet sophistication of the colder months with these easy autumn styling touches. 

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There’s something wonderful about fall and the natural charming elements that are attributed to this beautiful season. You can turn your home into a seasonal escape with the addition of some golden wheat sheaf bundles. Rustic sheaves effectively evoke the bounty of the harvest with their striking dried stalks and magnificent character – contributing to the cultivating overall crisp autumn theme. Ideas include; filling a vase with wheat, grouping little bundles of wheat for a botanical look or wrapping ribbon around your wheat for a bouquet look. You don’t have to limit your wheat sheaves to one room in the house either, breathe new life into your entire home with these autumn inspired gems. 

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Adding a hint of tartan to your textiles, is a clever way of bringing warm traditional elements into your home. You can give your interior a wonderful country twist through finely tailored tartan woven tapestries. With tartan’s unique classic criss cross pattern, it makes for the perfect autumn inspired theme to compliment your space with. There’s lots of creative ways to add tartan into your home, through rich cushions, fun accessories, textured baskets, knitted blankets, soft bedding and much more. And before you ask, tartan is not only available in red, you’ll also find tartan textiles in greens, blues and neutrals

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Mixed artificial maple leaves make wonderful additions to autumn inspired interiors because they naturally bring the seasonal elements in. There’s something about the distinctive way maple leaves exude character and grace through their crisp orange and brown hues. There’s many ways to arrange a leaf displays, maybe you want to opt for a scattered leaf look or you could go for a festive maple leaf style wreath. Now is a better time than any to embrace autumn with your maple leaf foliage. 

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Who said you can’t extend your autumn theme into your hallway. Original vintage benches make a lovely entry seating area for your hallway, while bringing a great deal of rustic character your smaller space. As you’ll already be creating a large focal point with this striking accent piece, there’s no need to clutter your space with much else. Your vintage bench will give your neutral hallway all of the autumn magic it requires. 

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Think autumn, think pumpkins, right?! Pumpkins are probably the first thing that springs to mind when the word ‘autumn’ is mentioned. So how can we precisely incorporate pumpkins into our home decor, without our homes being a scene from a horror movie? Well, a good way of displaying pumpkins organically is to think small. Pumpkins make a wonderful statement without the need of going overboard with large sizes. By mixing up some mini pumpkins with other decoration pieces, you’ll be ingeniously constructing a prominent focal point. Bright orange is one of the many pumpkin colours available, but who says you have to go all orange. White pumpkins are my fall favourites, they bring tenuous detail within a classy seasonal decorative display. 

Cosy autumn home decor

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