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Clever Storage tips for maximising smaller bathrooms

Bathrooms can be much more than functional spaces. Why not instead make your bathroom a sanctuary, a place to relax and de-stress. It can be tough however, when you’re struggling to make the most of your small bathroom. We are not all fortunate enough to have large spaces in our bathrooms, but it can be what you do with it that counts. There’s surprisingly a lot that can be done to enlarge a small bathroom without the need to renovate. Take a look at my storage tips below to restore space in your bathroom.

Cabinet Wall Mount

Wall cabinets can increase storage space considerably without taking up ground space, plus they allow you more room to manoeuvre around. There’s so many options to choose from, you could opt for sharp contemporary, sleek modern or more wooden traditional. Mirrored cabinets in particular work really well, as they create an illusion of making your bathroom seem bigger due to reflecting light and adding depth.

Go for a shower caddy

If you’re looking for a simple but affective way of utilising space in your shower, then investing in a shower caddy is a great choice. There’s also some really modern options in stores right now. It allows you to organise all of your little shower items together, and everything is within easy reach. 

Opt for a storage ladder

Ladder shelving is the new trend when it comes to adding storage to your bathroom. It can really give your bathroom a gorgeously chic and clutter free look, but at the same time it’s really practical and makes use of the vertical space in the bathroom. A ladder is ideal for storing towels, and it takes up minimum space in the process.

Corner shelving works a treat

Corner units and shelves are a useful option when the goal is to create space. V-shaped shelving can really work wonders, because it’s nicely tucked away freeing up floor space, plus you can store most items on them adding decorative value. Tip: Try adding some baskets, bowls, soap holders and plants for that ultra homely vibe.

Add Wall hooks

Bathroom hooks are great for hanging towels, brushes, storage netted bags, gowns and many other accessories, plus they keep all of your items away from the floor saving unwanted clutter. A perfect way to start is buying a hook rack, you can then line up your items on each hook, varying it up. You could even add holding basket full of products, a versatile storage idea to fee up even more space. Such a simple idea, yet it’s decorative and abstract at the same time.

Add shelving above your toilet

Do you have lots of soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes, creams, lotions and you have no where to store them? This is where storage shelves come in handy, why not add shelves above your toilet. You usually get a neutral wall with large space above a toilet therefore it’s a great blank canvas to experiment on. Thick white shelving looks good for more bulkier items such a toilet paper and towels.

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