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7 ways to restyle your garden for the summer

Summer is here to stay, well it’s at least here for a long while yet. The days are longer and hotter, which means more time to enjoy your outside space. Whether you have a small garden, a large garden, or a courtyard space – anyone can introduce style to their home. There are lots of clever styling tricks to make your garden feel spacious, so keep reading for the top 7 tips.

#1 Flexible Furniture

Summer is all about relaxing, dining or entertaining. To set the scene right, you’ll want flexible seating to make the most of your space. Going for the outdoor living room look is a great goal, because you’ll be creating a homely cove, that is an extension to your home indoors. Corner sofas are ideal for comfort, while folding chairs give you the freedom for flexibility. When it comes to dining, a stylish outdoor dining table with comfortable dining chairs is essential. A trendy option is to purchase a lightweight contemporary glass table because it’s sleek and manageable for all occasions. So which is the best material to use for your furniture? Polyethylene in particular is great for outdoor furniture because it’s resistant to rain and UV rays which makes it a perfect material for garden material. The aim is to always go for lightweight furniture that can be easily moved around. When the sun’s direction changes, you’ll want to adapt your furniture accordingly. 

#2 Planters

Garden plant

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Nothing speaks summer more than striking, beautiful fresh greenery. Planters are a beautiful way to enhance the character of your garden, as they completely set the theme. Container gardens and pots create instant impact in your garden. Doorways and other entrances can be enhanced with pretty potted climbers to give off that welcoming feel. Planters can be placed anywhere, as it will depend on existing garden style but planters they are guaranteed to bring colour and vibrancy to your space. One thing you should take into consideration however, is the sun exposure. Many container plants thrive in a sunny spot, so keep this in mind when you’re styling your garden. 

#3 Add a garden mirror

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I am always thinking of ways I can brighten up my garden. I’ve chosen to enhance my garden space with mirrors because they help bounce light into the dark corners and spaces. Garden mirrors are becoming more popular, with their ability to stand as a striking feature while creating the illusion of space. The great thing is, you can buy garden made mirrors which are weatherproofed to survive the harshest of weather conditions. Generally, there are so many ornate and decorative mirrors that will brings elegance and style to your garden.

#4 Wall Mounted washing line

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As we all know, washing lines are great in the summer but they do tend to take up a lot of space in the garden. I’ve gone and got myself a Brabantia retractable washing line that is mounted on my garden wall.   My old washing line looked worn and untidy, so I opted for the Brabantia instead. It fits into the smallest areas, and folds away into a compact, space-saving unit. It’s given my garden freedom to breath and it’s stored neatly away when I’m entertaining guests. 

#5 Add Garden Sculptures

A garden statue or sculpture can be the perfect finishing touch to your garden, allowing you the opportunity to bring art creatively into your space. Sculptures act as the main focal point, whilst fitting with the overall design and layout of the garden perfectly. There’s so many to choose from, the main options being birdbaths, sundials and historical or abstract ornaments. The content and form of the sculpture needs try and to fit the particular feel of the garden, so take your time and choose wisely. 

#6 Parasol goals

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If you don’t always want full on sun coverage all the day through, then investing in a parasol is an affective way to shade you from those strong summer rays when needed. Parasols are perfect for helping you find shade and shelter while still enjoying the sun. Style-wise, there’s a whole host of designs to suit every taste. You could opt for a parasol that tilts so that you can get ultimate cover, or a height-adjustable pole to ensure you have shade as the sun starts going down.

#7 Colour your garden with paint

Unpainted fences that have been damaged by the weather will looked tired and run down. Covering over your timbers with a splash of colour will transform your garden into a picturesque landscape. The coloured fence panels will bounce light throughout and your garden will totally be transformed. It’s amazing what a lick of paint can do. Opt for whites, pastels or yellows to provide that extra summer feel. 

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