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7 Finishing touches to complete your stunning bathroom


Finishing touches may only be minor additions, but in fact they can overwhelmingly breathe new life into the plainest looking of spaces. When working on designing a bathroom, it can be all too easy to get lost in the bigger picture, but it’s the little matching accessories that can really enhance the overall look and feel of your bathroom. What’s lacking in your bathroom now, can easily be transformed with some little creative updates. Something as simple as striking bath mat, a contemporary piece of art work or a trendy decorative stool, can overhaul a bathroom significantly. I’d love to share with you 7 finishing touches that will make your bathroom space come to life.

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Hooks, rails and rings dramatically save on space plus they’re a beautiful and practical feature to add to your bathroom. Adding small functional fittings are certainly innovative features to enjoy, because they offer both flexibility and efficiency within the bathroom. Whether your bathroom is modern, contemporary or traditional, there’s always fixtures to suit different styles and tastes. There’s many type of fittings too, such as toilet roll holders, towel rails and rings, hooks/hangers and even toilet brush holders. I’ve found that by adding fittings to my bathroom, it’s opened my space up considerably, allowing the rest of my space to be free of mess and clutter. I swear by my gold stainless steel finished fittings, they’re so elegant and classy. 

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Adding some stylish blinds to your bathroom space will definitely bring a little touch of pizzazz. Blinds are perfect for adding a drop of colour to your stylish bathroom scheme, as well as letting you control the privacy and light within your space. Whether you go for bold, vibrant or dark  tones, you’ll be setting the scene with your blinds. Roller blinds tend to be most favourable for bathrooms, as they’re quick and easy to pull down and roll up, offering overall ease and versatility. Available in a range of water resistant vinyl or PVC fabrics, there’s a handful of choices suitable for each bathroom. I love my vinyl blinds because they are so easy to clean and they’re unaffected by moisture. The bathroom is such a moist and humid environment anyway, but water resistant blinds will take care of any unwanted issues in this area.

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The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the household, but it still requires optimum storage space nevertheless. Keeping your floor space clear can often be the first step to achieving both a spacious and clutter-free bathroom environment. Practical storage is the perfect space saving answer, allowing you a functional way to keep your toiletries, accessories and fabrics all in one place. High gloss vanity units, cabinets and cupboards will make space for all of your toiletries and products, while shelving will offer a way to display all of your attractive products and accessories. Contemporary storage ladders and baskets are also wonderful for blasting charm and character to your space. I’m obsessed with wicker baskets lately, they have such a cooling chic vibe, plus they hold so many of my items. 

Wall art is another way to inject some beautiful colour hues into your bathroom through the playful and characterful designs on offer. Choosing the wall art for your bathroom is an incredibly fun process, as it allows your creativity to soar to the highest heights. A fresh example of themed ideas you could choose, include nature inspired art, cooling nautical themes or even a flavourful abstract scheme. When it comes to the overall bathroom look and style you’re going for, it’s important to add art work that will cohesively compliment your existing decor. Different types of art work will provide different purpose, for example framed art work will more refined flair whilst ceramic plates will pull off a more sculptured vintage look.

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Don’t you think bathroom trays are just so cool? We don’t often think of bath trays as a first choice when designing our bathroom, but they’re often the perfect finishing touch to any bathroom. These wonderful little creations are ideal for de-stressing after a long hard day, when ultimately all we want to do is un-wind in a nice warm bubble bath. It can be super awkward having to lean over in the bath, when you need to grab those un-reachable items, but a nifty little bath tray will take care of this. A beautifully crafted bath tray will hold all of your bathroom accessories during your bathing experience, acting as a bridge between you and your bath. You can even get custom trays that offer wine glass holders and iPad slots. What a way to pamper yourself in your own private oasis!

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A bathroom filled with soft and colourful textiles can create both a warm and cosy feel for your stylish safe haven. A way to instantly give your bathroom a refreshed, colourful new look is to buy a new shower curtain set, along side some matching towels, a bathmat and a rug. By popping bold colours and unique patterns into your textiles, you’ll be bringing your bathroom decor to life. Not only will your bathroom be styled to the max with all of the latest textiles, you’ll also be meeting all of your functional needs. For example, essentials such as bath mats, have safety anti-slip textured surfaces and shower curtains act as splash guards.

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Bathroom stools are an excellent way of bringing elegant seating and additional storage space to your bathroom. You’ll find that there’s so many custom-made stool types about nowadays; ranging from wooden or plastic stools, to flexible folding, and fancy swivel stools, you’ll never be left without options. Whichever bathroom stool you do decide to choose, they are always guaranteed to enrich your bathroom with contemporary elegance. 

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