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7 Contemporary Storage Solutions

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It’s so easy to have a house overrun with personal items. Belongings continue to build up, and before you know it, you have a mountain of clutter. But then we enter the nifty world of storage. Storage is the ideal solution to access jumble, because it allows you to store your belongings for as long as you need, while adding character, style and charm to your space. Here you’ll find 7 creative solutions of self storage that will help make your life a lot easier.

#1 Built in shelving units

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Built in shelves are a seamless way to elevate blank walls while maximising storage space. This type of built in shelving provides a beautiful contemporary design as well as a practical solution all in one. Adding your own personalised storage to your shelving, like boxes, tubs and bowls, will hide your obvious clutter and this will offer a much sleeker and tidier solution for your space.

# 2 Create a storage alcove

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Aren’t alcoves cute? Make the most of your alcove space and build in some trendy storage. You don’t need to buy bespoke either, you can measure your alcove space and buy a unit that will slide swiftly into place. Book shelves can create an interesting open library look. If you prefer, you can opt for closed door shelving to keep all of your personal possessions hidden from view. 

#3 Coffee table storage

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Who would’ve thought it…coffee table drawers! It’s often unheard of, but investing in coffee table storage is an incredible way of keeping your living environment clear and well organised. From tidy draws to sleek shelves, modern coffee tables have so many wonderful options nowadays. Storage tables come in a range of different materials like glass, steel and wood, there’s so many stylish options to match your modern interior. If you’re short of space, then coffee tables are an ideal way of creating space for a striking centrepiece. All of your items will be conveniently hidden within reach, all the while keeping your clutter at bay. 

#4 Storage boxes and baskets

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If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to store your keepsakes, then storage boxes and baskets are the perfect choice. Not only do boxes and baskets fit neatly into unused nooks, they also add a cute and cosy feel to your home. I love using storage boxes in my home, because they always create a warm and natural tone to the atmosphere. Wicker and canvas in particular are my favourite materials, they’re smart, stylish and adaptable. You can fit your basket and boxes in almost any space, whether it be on the floor, sliding shelving or on wall shelving units. They bring the chic, decorative touch every time.

#5 Storage Trolley

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Storage trolleys are great for extra flexible and movable storage. The lightweight structure and sturdy frame of these trolleys makes the perfect storage solution for everyday items. Some trolleys come with built in units and some with movable storage trays. If a unit comes flat, you can add your own wicker boxes for storage use. I think your shelving says a lot about you, and with trolley storage it allows the versatility to get creative with your own style and personality. 

Footstools with storage

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Put your feet up with a comfy and space-saving footstool. Footstools now have the storage option, so why not invest in a sophisticated style footstool that comes with practical storage benefits. Some of the Ottoman range now have secret compartments that are perfect for stowing away books, magazines, toys, throws and other every day items. Footstools are guaranteed to boost your interior style, all the while lifting the lid on your space. 

Add a sideboard in with lots of handy drawers

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Sideboards have a very simple design that can be used pretty much anywhere, whether placed in the living room, bedroom or even in the hallway. They are available in a variety of finishes to complement your decor and are the perfect storage solutions for your home. A sideboard display cabinet is a classic way to create storage space for essentials such as books, crockery, mugs, plates, tableware and dinner sets. The side board is also a perfect way to showcase your visual items like flowers, bowls, vases and baskets. If you have lots of different storage items that you need to organise and breakup, then you can opt for a side board with lots of sections and drawers.

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