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6 Common mistakes when designing a bathroom

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Designing your bathroom should be an exciting challenge. Ultimately, it’s your opportunity to create your own gorgeous bathroom haven, a home from home where you can un-wind and relax after a hard day. It’s important to get every aspect of your design scheme right, as your space should be used efficiently and must serve your functionally well. Whether big or small, your bathroom should always be well thought out and carefully located. If you are carefully planning from the start, this will prevent costly mistakes in the long run. To help you avoid some of the most common mistakes when designing your bathroom, check out the check list I’ve put together for you.

#1 Inadequate bathroom planning

Inadequate bathroom planning

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One of the most important things you can do when renovating your bathroom is to plan ahead. A bathroom interior can go badly wrong if it’s not planned carefully. Understanding the basic elements such as budget, spacing and product availability is imperative in the world of bathroom design. You need to take into account the duration of the project, the design style and functionality of the space you’re creating and the types of materials that will be used. Any plumbing fixtures, ventilation and potential problems need to be looked at prior to carrying out the work. It’s better to overseeing the planning beforehand rather than waiting and blundering once the work has began. 

#2 Insufficient storage

Bathroom storage space

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It’s easy to get carried away with the aesthetics, but this can lead to lack of storage with a bathroom full of clutter. More focus should be aimed at functionality, in the form of integrated storage cupboards and mirrored cabinets. Other than cabinets, another option is to put in shelves. Shelving will make good use of the walls and will will free up lots of space. Towel racks will also utilise space really well, giving your towels and flannels a suitable place to go. 

#3 Choosing the wrong materials

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Choosing the right materials for your bathroom is vital when creating a long lasting design. A bathroom can fluctuate from hot and cold to steamy and wet all in the course of a few minutes, so it’s extremely important to choose materials specifically designed to withstand high humidity and change in rapid temperature. Ensure that the tile your choosing is non-slip. Materials like wood and textiles are a no-go. Also avoid smooth ceramic and stone tile materials. 

#4 Inadequate lighting

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It’s important not to overlook your lighting. In a bathroom, one single light fixture is often insufficient when lighting up the entire space. Ideally you should have three forms of light in your space – overhead, close-up, and task lighting. Ambient lighting provides overall illumination. Task lighting is ideal for specific areas, such as mounted mirrors and vanity lights. Accent lighting is not used for practical purpose, but it highlights areas of interest and gives an aesthetic glow.

#5 Don't overwhelm your bathroom scheme with too much colour

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The colour you choose for your bathroom can have a very big impact on the overall vibe of the space. It’s good to inject a little colour into your bathroom, but it’s easy to cross the line of no return. Too much colour in a bathroom can appear busy and inviting. The aim is to stick with neutrals, adding pops of colour in sections of the room. Light neutrals like whites, taupes, creams and greys will make your bathroom feel bright and spacious, without the need to overcompensate with striking colours. A classic look with simple neutral accents will give your bathroom the soothing edge it desires. 

#6 Poor Ventilation

Poor bathroom ventilation
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Every bathroom should be fitted with the necessary ventilation for a well maintained space. It’s important to ensure that bathrooms are well ventilated because it prevents mould and mildew from forming. A build-up of mould can lead to respiratory problems and nasty health concerns. Poor ventilation doesn’t only affect your health, it will also wear down your bathroom. The moisture accumulation condenses on non water resistant surfaces, such as cabinets and ledges. Purchasing an effective exhaust fan will extract the steam, making your indoor air more breathable. 

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