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6 Summer Staycation ideas for your garden

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Yay, summer has arrived! The weather is warmer, the nights are lighter and the days are longer. Lots of exciting vacation plans and adventurous trips are booked during this time. However, summer 2020, is not the type of summer we’re all accustomed to. With lockdowns being significantly restricted, things are beginning to look up for us all, but with firm travel restrictions still in place, there’s still uncertainty when it comes to our holiday plans. Many of us will be spending a lot more time in our gardens this summer, but how can we make sure we’re getting the most out of our backyard. The solution… a garden staycation! You can enjoy your holiday activities all within the comfort of your own home. Sprinkle some summer into your garden, and follow these top staycation garden ideas. 

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While uncertainty remains, many of us are choosing not to travel, and are opting for the garden option instead. During these uncertain times, we need to make sure we’re keeping fit and healthy, with a positive mindset. We’re spending much more time at home now, so it’s crucial that we’re happy with our own surroundings. A great way to wash away the stress is to buy your own private hot tub to relax in. You get many wonderful health benefits with a hot tub, including acceleration of natural body healing and cleansing. When the sun sets at the end of a long day, you’ll love unwinding in your relaxing tub of paradise. 

If you love eating out on your holidays, let your taste buds do the travelling into your own back garden. Creating a lively holiday resort kitchen vibe all in the comfort of your own garden is certainly a unique way to staycation. Ultimately an outdoor kitchen will allow you more time to spend outdoors instead of slaving over a hot stove, plus you’ll have more time to bond with family and friends during those long, hot summer months. An inexpensive option, would be to purchase a camper kitchen with lots of inner shelving for all of your pots, plates and accessories

Who doesn’t love a good sun lounger on vacation! I love reading a good book on holiday while I’m soaking up the vitamin D. Often we associate sun loungers with holiday beach resorts, but loungers don’t just have to be holiday accessories. There are lots of different modern and versatile styles nowadays to suit your taste and garden size. While the lock down is looming over our holiday plans, why not bring the holiday atmosphere into your own back garden instead with these relaxing furniture peices. A handy tip, is investing in a reclining foldable sun lounger, because you can store it when it’s not being used, and it takes up minimal space. 

When it comes to relaxing outside, the gazebo is the perfect back garden getaway. These sturdy freestanding structures create a sense of privacy, whilst at the same time they offer a lesiurely open garden feel. Gazebos are a very popular choice amongst the general public, because they provide desired shade during the long hot summer days, all the while offering stylish shelter options for alfresco dining, lounging and hosting parties. If you love entertaining and having heaps of fun, the gazebo will transform your garden into your own holiday haven.

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A mini summer house retreat

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Nothing says staycation more than beautiful summer house. Building and customising your own summer house, will add layers of depth to the structure of your existing garden. There’s a million and one ways to use a summer house. You can transform your construction into a little relaxation hideaway for yourself or you can transform your house into a creative craft studio used for interesting art activities. Splash a touch of holiday to your summer house, and keep your design really fun. You’ll want to make your summer house a unique place that you can escape to, when you need to break away from the four walls of your home.

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