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6 of the best bathroom colour inspirational ideas

Modern bathroom

Bathroom designing can be a sore subject if you don’t know how to plan and decorate properly. There can be a minefield of questions that come into play when considering all of the bathroom elements involved. Aside from functionality, it’s important set aside adequate time for the aesthetics. Visually, our bathrooms can be much more than what they’re just designed to do, and if the right time is spent, a bathroom can be transformed into the ultimate luxurious chic retreat. Colours play a big part in bathroom decor, because your colour scheme will set the scene for the rest of your bathroom design. Check out these colour inspiring ideas to transform an ordinary bathroom into something a bit more special.


You can check out the ‘Mint Condition’ bathroom range on the Wickes site

It’s easy to think of pink and mint as an ‘old fashioned’ colour scheme, when you think back to your grandma’s or auntie’s old rusty bathroom decor, but in fact these blends of colour are incredibly chic these days. You can certainly still create a vintage retro 60’s inspired look with these colours, all while bringing a modern twist into your design. There’s lots of stylish tile options and contemporary furniture choices, when it comes to injecting colour into your space. You don’t have to use really rich or bright shades of pink and mint either, you can tone your colours down for a notably subtle affect.

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If all black is a little intimidating to you, why not try a half and half look. When dramatic black is paired with a bright white you get a striking contrast between two. White and black colours are so easily matched when used together, you’ll be creating a wonderful finish with textured tiles and smooth walls. Durable and water resistant stone tiles are a brilliant choice for characterful black bathroom floors and walls. You’ll be opening up your bathroom space to no end with this unique colour scheme, making your room feel lighter and brighter all round.

You can find the ‘Compact Culture’ bathroom range on the Wickes site

Something almost magical happens when the harmonious shades of smokey grey are dusty blue combined with each other. When the conjunction of the two colours are brought together, there’s certainly an air of coolness and calmness about the place. At the end of the day, there’s nothing better than winding down in our relaxing bathrooms, so it certainly makes sense to ease our surroundings these tranquil shades.

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Dove grey is a deep grey colour with light grey to darker shade features. This unique palette is never bland, but the results are always surprising. Paired with elegant marble, dove grey’s unique pink and blue tints will lighten up the room with a wealth of sophistication. White wooden countertops paired with gold or silver cabinet hardware is guaranteed to bring a warm touch to your effortless colour scheme. 

The ‘Vienna Oak Furniture’ range can be viewed on the Wickes site

Isn’t oak just wonderful? Not only is oak incredibly durable, it’s a traditional dense hardwood that fits in perfectly with a modern aesthetic. As a long-term valuable choice, oak is compatible enough to fit all furniture styles, making it a top choice for the bathroom. Blended with a light grey, oak will instantly illuminate the room! Natural wood can sometimes significantly clash with other colour, but grey works in the opposite way – you’ll find that with grey’s versatility, all of your wooden surroundings will be further enhanced.  

You can see the ‘Hertford White Furniture’ bathroom range on the Wickes site

Ever felt like diving into an aquatic and lively sea of energy?! Pale blue is so relaxing, soothing and evocative of sea and sky, you can’t ignore the carefree feelings you get when you’re surrounded by this cooling colour. Paired with white, you get a nautical seascape, that brings a touch of mediterranean summer. Modern white furniture will look stunning against a tranquil light blue back drop, plus ample use of white keeps the blue from overpowering the space. You’ll see via the photo above that grey oak laminated flooring really works with the light blue and white colour scheme –  you get a real fresh look from the light oak, plus it reflects brightness into the room. I am most definitely impressed by the appearance of this beautiful blue lagoon.

Neutral Bathroom

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