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6 Guest Bedroom inspiration ideas

Guest bedroom

It’s such a shame, when an un-used dusty guest room space is put to waste, but it doesn’t require a lot of time or effort to create an appreciated cozy and homely room for your top guests. A guest room should be a welcoming space that combines the amenities of a hotel with all the character and charm of a home. There’s so many wonderful efficient ways that will help you make the most of your guest space. I’ll be covering 6 effective ways to create the ideal retreat for any visitor.

#1 Go for a stylish guest clothing rail

 You’ll find this gorgeous addition to your guest room (Industrial Iron clothes rail) at Cox and Cox 

A versatile clothes rail is an ingenious idea for your guests to hang up their coats, bags and clothes. Often you’ll find that there’s extra handy storage areas on clothes rails that will cater for other accessories, such as shoes and boxes. One of the main benefits of a vintage clothes rail, is that it offers your guests very easy access to all of their garments at the drop of a hat. If you’re looking to transform your guest room into chic boutique styled room, then this nifty clothes rail will do the job. 

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Sprucing up your guest room with a little greenery will liven up your room to no end, adding all of the subtle richness and warmth it needs. When your guests step into your guest room, you’ll want them to feel most relaxed and at home. Indoor plants will ensure that your guests environment is lifted with freshness, colour and tranquility, creating an elegant, tropical hub affect for your visitors. 

If you’re looking for a classy nightstand, check out the Paris 1-Drawer Bedside Table at JD Williams

A guest room should be a welcoming space, combining all of the amenities for a great stay. Guests will want somewhere to store all of their belongings in, and this is where a nightstand nicely fits in. A nightstand is an ideal solution for guests to keep their drinks, phones, clocks and other essentials in. Nightstands placed with stunning bedside Lamps can offer a striking focal point, complimenting your overall room design scheme. You’ll find that nightstands feature a variety of different designs, styles, colours and sizes to perfectly suit any guest bedroom.

This charming office desk, is the: Teknik Office Trestle Executive desk in a Chalked Chestnut finish. Pop over to  Robert Dyas for a further look

Utilising a spare room will proactively create a space that easily adapts from one function to the next. Why not let your guest room serve as a useful space for yourself, by adding in a home office. You’ll be creating a cleverly designed functional area that your guests will love, plus you could be maximising more room throughout the rest of the house. Additions such as plants, vases and decorative chairs will make your desk feel less corporate, and more homely. The affective combination of the office and guest space mixed together, offers a more purposeful room and a better all round guest experience.  

If you’re looking for a functional way of adding country charm to your guest room, then wicker drawers most definitely are the answer. Wicker material has an amazing way of enhancing a room with an abundance of organic appeal, while it’s lightweight refined look will lighten up your guest room to no end. I’m certainly no stranger to wicker, I’m aways drawn in by the natural hand crafted textures on offer. I like a good bargain, so I’m aways amazed by the wide selection of stylish, yet affordable options of wicker storage out there. 

For all of your little cosy bedroom extras, take a trip over to Habitat’s soft furnishings section

It can be easy to bypass the little touches that will ultimately make your guest room flourish to the fullest. You’ll want to spoil your guests with some simple yet thoughtful touches to provide the ultimate memorable experience. So, what touches am I talking about? No guest room is complete without towels, toiletry holders, a waste bin, scented candles, wall art, ornaments and vases. Cosy textiles, such as rugs, bed throws, cushions and bathrobes will also ramp up the comfort levels in your guest space too. It’s the smaller details that will create a home away from home for your guests.

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