6 bedroom decorating ideas on a budget

Budgeting on a shoestring may seem stressful to think about, however in fact it can be quite easy if you go back to basics. You don’t need to over complicate things, sometimes the most minimal of changes can really go a long way when it comes to changing the interior of your bedroom. Less can most definitely equal more. All it takes is thinking outside of the box.

Your bedroom is such a personal space for you, so it should be yours to cherish. If you’re struggling with where to start, then please read on for ways in which you can make the most out of your budget. We’ve got things covered for you.

#1 New paint

The most simple and effective way of getting started from scratch is to paint your walls. From there you can work from your walls, and gradually add in your matching furniture and accessories. A fresh lick of paint will really inspire you to create and build beyond your walls. White, creams and light greys are particularly perfect because they are neutral colours. Small bedrooms can lack in natural light, so it’s always good to create the illusion that it is bigger, by using lighter coloured paints such as white.

#2 focus on your bed design

Let your bedroom be at the forefront of your ideas. Your bed is the centre piece of your bedroom so make your bedding count. Use stylish bed linen and provide rich detail within the patterns, colours and textures. Layers are also effective, so you could use bed throws and blankets on top. Cushions are also fantastic, as the flavourful colours used will compliment your bedding – don’t be afraid to mix up the colours either. You could also use two or three colours to create a theme.

#3 Art work

Wall art can be very cheap and easy to work with, so it’s great when you’re on a budget. Pictures can really add that extra flair that you’re looking for when decorating. Without wall art, your walls will tend to look plain and monotonous. Choose paintings according to your style and budget but don’t over do it either, you don’t want an art gallery in your bedroom.

#4. plants

Plants are a real money saver and one of the perfect finishing touches to any room. Whilst they add fresh style to your room, they will also bring your bedroom to life. Artificial plants are my favourite because they are cheap and easy to maintain. Plants will sit on top of a chest of drawers or beside a bedside perfectly, they adapt to any setting. 

#5 Fabric Storage

You’ll probably know that wooden and plastic storage in the form of cupboards, draws and units don’t come cheap. But a great alternative to this is fabric storage. It’s not only inexpensive but it gives off an organic beach like charm. A good idea is to go on the hunt for soft fabric choices, such as polypropylene, white corn or bamboo boxes with steel frames lined up as draws. They’re sold in a wide range of colours and they’re just as sturdy as any plastic or wooden options.

#6 Rugs

Rugs are really an affordable accessory that can add a touch of comfort and style to a space. They come in just about every colour, design and material you can imagine. They’re also great for sound absorption if you have hardwood floors in your bedroom. Shaggy rugs are good for bringing a cosy feel whilst cotton rugs are a good option if you frequently change your rug seasonally. 



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