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6 beautiful living room styles beginners guide

Contemporary living room

When we think of the living room, it’s the ultimate hub of the home, a place where friends and family can gather together to catch up on life’s events. The living room acts as a centre point for the home, therefore the layout and design plays a crucial part in providing the ideal setting for a charming and inviting space. There are so many different design styles beyond the 6 living room styles outlined below, but I wanted to group together the six most popular living room themed styles. If you’re particularly starting out in the world of home decor, then these main beautiful living styles should inspire you to create a striking living space for your home. 

#1 Traditional

Traditional living room

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If you’re looking for seamless elegance then the traditional design could be for you. A traditional style layers a mix of classic furniture with contemporary accents, proving an all round cosy, vintage look. It’s the perfect balance of old meets new, which makes for a relaxed and refined living space. There’s so many ways of livening up a traditional living room, through its furnishings. Opt for classy antique chairs, fluffy rugs, posh lamps and contemporary styled wooden tables. Symmetry also works wonders in traditional decor too, balancing your space visually. You’ll always feel at home with a traditional type setting. 

#2 Farm House

Farm House living room

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If you’re into country living, then the farm house style is a very appealing way of transforming your living room into a cosy retreat. Farmhouse decor includes low ceilings, neural colours and organic materials that are displayed in a timeless but trendy setting. Natural elements, such as exposed wood beams and vintage wooden furnishings and doors will bring your decor to life. Rustic fireplaces can also work nicely, radiating a visual warmth throughout the room. There’s also a unique collection of clocks, wall art and shelving you can contribute to your farmhouse forte. 

#3 Mid century modern

Mid century modern

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The mid century modern theme is all the trend right now. This style of interior design was popularised during the 1940s, and it’s still just as popular today. It’s not always the most straight forward design to master, but take a step back in time and try to think; sleek retro moulded plastics, statement lighting, groovy colours, wooden peg legged furniture, iconic stylish chairs and low coffee tables. A wide range of mid century designer furniture products have been replicated today, and they seem to be all the craze with all of the trend setters out there. With glitzy simplistic designs to fulfil all aspirations, you’ll never be lost for ideas. 

#4 Contemporary

Contemporary living room

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These days, it’s fairly easy to create a contemporary design theme unless you come from the dark ages that is! You’ll find that many stores nowadays sell a wide range of sleek, effortless furniture options that will fit with modern blank canvases. With contemporary design, an empty space tends to lead the design style of the best of the decor. In the picture above, a simplistic white colour dominates the background space, but the white walls have been enhanced by a rich brickwork feature wall, while dark colour tones have been added within the furniture to give the decor more substance.

#5 Scandinavian

Scandinavian Living room

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Scandinavian design is characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality, but what makes this style stand out more than other styles? This type of modernist design was originated in many Nordic countries in the mid-1950s, heavily influenced by the Nordic region’s cold, short winter days. The desire for neutral lighter colours, more simplistic designs and clutter-less open plan spaces led to a new level of design within the 1950’s modernist Movement. Quality over quantity is a big deal when it comes to Scandinavian design, placing larger emphasis on minimalism. Pale walls work well in Scandinavian decor, while a contrast of bold patterns, muted colours and cosy textures offer layered richness into to your inviting space. 

#6 Modern Rustic

Modern rustic living room

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Modern rustic certainly sets the scene with earthy, organic style and elegant charm. The great thing with modern rustic, is that you can create an inspirational contemporary style, while still embracing natural rustic charm and warmth. Modern rustic style originates from charming country elements, where wood is the primary material. Exposed wooden beams, bricks and traditional hand-crafted wooden furniture will all add to the beauty of your interior. Stripping back and simplifying your space with fresh decor and colours will allow your building’s features to greatly shine through. 

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