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5 wonderful ways to cosy up your home this autumn

Autumn inspired living room

With the temperature plummeting, and the colder mornings beginning to set upon us, it’s certainly the best time to start thinking about cosying up your home for the autumn months ahead. There is a glorious nip in the air, the sky is brighter, pretty crisp leaves fall so readily and the trees are painted in vibrant reds, oranges and yellows. After a busy day, I love to come home and snuggle up on my sofa, while sipping a warm hot chocolate and reading a nice book. It’s all the more exciting when you know you have a beautiful cosy home to come back to. Autumn is a truly wonderful month, so let’s embrace it with our decor choices. Here’s 5 ideas to inspire your home for a cosy feel this autumn. 

Check out the Edisto Sculpture on the Wayfair site

We tend to associate Autumn with earthy timbers and natural materials, and that’s why wooden custom decorative sculptures are so great for the home. Wooden sculptures incorporate the naturalistic side of autumn into home decor, feeding warming rustic and traditional vibes into any space. There’s so many wonderful carved options to choose from, ranging from cute animals to contemporary shapes and patterns. It’s certainly not difficult to add much needed country autumn charm to your home through the right statement making sculpture pieces. 

Have a look at the new autumn diffuser, exclusively on The White Company site  

Beautiful autumn scents, such as woody, sweet and earthy aromas are strongly associated with autumn. Why not bring these long lasting nostalgic natural scents into your home in the form of scented candles and diffusers. Scented accessories bring sophistication visually, while adding a variety of flavoursome notes. My favourite scents are the forest sandalwood and cedar, they instantly bring warming comfort into my home.

You’ll find the cosy Henbury Chesterfield Grey Plush Fabric Armchair at Oak Furniture Superstore

The best creature comforts can usually come from your most treasured furniture. There’s nothing more satisfying than curling up on a cosy chair, feeling completely at ease with your warm surroundings. A vintage accent chair is not only a stunning decorative centre piece, it’s warm, snug and supportive for those colder autumn months. I adore the wonderful vintage styled plush fabric armchairs, as they are so visually pleasing, plus they’re extremely spacious and comfortable. 

View the Holden Cotton Knit Throw (130 x 170cm) at Made

Nothing says ‘cosy’ more than textiles. Soft furnishings can literally transform a space in minutes, ultimately creating a warm and homely place to relax in. As those chilly autumn months come in to play, our bodies yearn more for little cosy creature comforts in life. Soft furnishings in the form of woven blankets, knitted throws, fluffy rugs and soft cushions will all contribute towards a more comforting and snuggly home. Be mindful when picking the right colours, materials and patterns, as your textile choices will determine which is the best direction for your own personal style. Conducting your own research via magazines, TV, website and blogs will all help find a collaborative style that will resonate well with you. 

You can check out the Wee Blue Coo Autumn Fall Framed Wall Art at Amazon 

If you want to sprinkle the beauty of autumn into your household, you could add atmospheric wall inspired art which will completely transform your home into a scenic wonderland. With the rich palette of earthy autumn colours, blended with different materials and textures, no doubt you’ll be creating a sensuous and dramatic overtone through your art work. The impact can be incredible when furnishings and seasonal themed art work are blended together, because art can dictate the entire mood, breathing life into the room. 

Cosy living room

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