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5 ways to splash colour into your home

Colour is more than a visual experience, it is also a psychological one that can thoroughly affect mood and emotion. Warmer colours like red, yellow and orange can produce feelings of warmth or aggressiveness, while cooler colours like green and blue can be calming and comforting. In a nut shell, the colours used within your room will say a lot about you. Delicate neutrals such as whites and greys are very popular and work well within a room, but if your room solely depends on neutrals, it will probably be craving for a burst in colour. It doesn’t need to be an explosion as such, but subtle colours added will bring life to your interior. 

The Artistic approach

If you prefer to keep your furnishings and accessories monochromatic,  you could instead pop some colour into your room through artwork instead. Art on your walls will not only give your walls an instant touch of colour, but the paintings will add another layer of texture dimension into your space. Art work also injects personality into a room and creates a great conversation point. You could choose art work that goes with your existing decor with a secondary bright colour mixed in, to give a subtle look. or you could add lots of vibrancy into your room by adding bursts of bright colours into your art. Mix artistic styles, from pop art to impressionism, for a fun feel.

Tonal touches

Pick one centre piece, i.e if it’s your bedroom you could use your sofa, or within a bedroom your bed could be the main neutral focus point. Use those statement pieces to influence how the rest of your room goes through various brightly coloured accessories. For example, a grey sofa, could set the tone for vibrant lime green accessories. A gold themed bed could allow for light blues. 

Put your kitchen collectables on show

It can be easy to get so distracted with new ideas for your living room and bedrooms, often the kitchen can be neglected. If you prefer not to get the paint brushes out, you can easily add personality to your kitchen with colourful plates and collectibles on display in open cabinetry/shelving. You could opt for just the one colour, or a variety of different energetic colours to add a dash of spice to your existing kitchen. Even the slightest tint in colour can transform a plain space into something special.

Use colourful fabrics

Why not inject some colour into your room through some fun fabrics. Brightly coloured cushions, throws and rugs will add vibrancy to your life. Firstly, have a look at the existing colours in your colour palette and use those to expand layer patterns and textures onto your fabrics. As a tip, try to think of your room in layers, as this will break it down into small manageable pieces. It will also create overall depth within your space.

Brighten up hidden spaces

Bright aluminous style colours such as yellows, green and oranges are fantastic colours for that ultimate vibrancy. The majority of the time, hidden spaces can really be overlooked, so why not bring these spaces to the forefront. Locations such as the backs of bookcases or engraved walls can be crying out for a splash of paint. By adding tones of colour into these areas, this will bring a subtle breath of fresh air into the room without overdoing it.

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