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5 ways to pop colour into your home

Colourful bedroom

Neutral colours certainly set the scene. Calm greys, creams and whites give a harmonious edge, but it doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with vivacious and energetic colour hues too. A little burst of colour can significantly heighten the mood and set the tone for a lively and bold colour scheme. Let’s look at some fun ways to pop a little colour into life, through your home design choices. 

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Don’t ever be afraid to splash a little colour to your decor. Embracing colour will ultimately give your current design scheme a fresh new lease of life, transforming your new space into a light, bright, vibrant hub. An accent piece is a great starting point for a decor scheme, adding layers of depth to the composition of your existing interior. An accent chair, is a perfect way of bringing in pops of colour into your space, because you’ll be elevating your space with bold personality rather than it blending in with the neutral surroundings. I currently have 3 colourful accent chairs in my home, and I’m so happy with the vibrant atmosphere they create. They act as the ultimate focal point, pulling the rest of my decor together. 

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Another great way to spruce up your neutral colour scheme is through colourful shelving. Adding fun, multi-coloured shelves to your walls is a really easy way of bringing contemporary industrial vibes into your room. If you’re looking for a quirky, stand-out piece, then colourful floating shelves are a great choice. As well as being compact and seamless to mount, you’ll also find that colourful shelving is an easy way of adding a splash of colour to your walls without having to get the paint out. 

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Stunning and colourful retro kitchen appliances are a super useful way of bringing practical colour into your kitchen space. There’s a wide range of colourful appliance sets, gadgets and kitchen accessories that can create a striking contrast of colour in your family kitchen. It doesn’t take much either, with just a few bold accessories you can turn a plain uninspired kitchen into a stunning stand out space. 

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Pendant lights are certainly my favourite lighting fixtures. I love that these contemporary design-led lights look fantastic in any setting, bringing youth and warmth to any space. There’s so many captivating and statement-making options available now, and the colour choices are endless. As soon as you add some colourful stylish pendants to your kitchen, your space will light up with exuberant drama right away.

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It’s the soft, cosy finishing touches that make the house a home. Fabrics and soft furnishings are often underestimated but they actually play a major role in revitalising home decor. Cushions, rugs and curtains all add characterful accents to home decor, but they also have many practical functions too; a soft fluffy rug will bring warmth to a cold, hard floor, and a pair of curtains will insulate a room and block out light when needed. By adding rich colourful cushions, soft stylish rugs, comforting sofa and bed throws and pretty patterned curtains, you can instantly transform your home into something truly special. When it comes to colour within your textiles, you don’t need to go overboard either. Subtle accent patterns and little tones of colour will make a significant impact to your colour scheme, without the need to paint or wallpaper.

Colourful bedroom

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