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5 unique ways to style your contemporary coffee table

Living room coffee table

If you’re looking for some innovating ways to style your coffee table, then follow these on trend ideas that will make your coffee table Pinterest-perfect. You don’t have to spend lots of money to achieve a look you love either, you can take your coffee table to the next level with these easy styling tricks. 

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A bi-level coffee table is as functional as it is glamorous. A coffee table which features two extendable levels doesn’t just get you more storage, it also takes up minimal space. There’s so many ways to style a tiered coffee table, but generally smaller/ flat items like books tend to fit well on bottom level, and taller items will boldly stand proudly on the top. Glass tables reflect light very well, creating the illusion of a more spacious coffee table.

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Placing an elegant tray on your coffee table will allow you more freedom to spontaneously mix or match various colours and patterns. If you have a particularly larger coffee table, a tray will help break up the surface area, creating more interesting layers to your table space. One of the best features about a table top tray is versatility. When your tray is not being used as a decorative accessory, it can easily become a transferrable tray that can be used to carry your household items. 

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It’s natural to want to keep all of your coffee table objects in a flat line, but it’s actually far more interesting to vary the heights of accessories so that your eye is drawn around them, instead of focusing on one specific spot. Placing a nice tall vase next to a cute trinket box or stacking a few books next to a long candle will all break up the formality of height.  

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Little can equal a lot more, especially when it comes to furniture. A statement piece is a work of art that can be appreciated from all angles. Why not opt for one single elegant object that will wow your guests to no end. One bigger and bolder object will bring a wealth of opulence to your coffee table, drawing all eyes in. When you’re choosing your item, consider textures, materials, colours and character. Will your chosen centre piece truly reflect the statement you’re trying to make within your space.

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Another interesting idea is to layer decorative objects on top of your flatter items to create a personal and endearing feel. It can be a little dull keeping everything at one level, therefore stacking objects like vases, ornaments, and plants on top of books and boxes will add height and dimension to your decor. 

Living room coffee table

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