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5 proactive ways to design your small office space

Home office desk

The office is where all of the magic happens, it’s the central hub of creativity. Just about everyone has to bring work home with them at some time, so the need for a home office is becoming far more popular these days. Being in an inviting and comfortable office space plays a significant role on overall mood and productivity, so it’s important to get your office decor just right. Home office configuration can also be challenging if you have a small space to work with but fret no more – I’ve come up with some 5 imaginative and space savvy ways that will spruce up your home office in no time.

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If you’re short on space, adding a multi-functional desk that fulfils all of your every day functions is a must. A simple yet practical transformable desk is fantastic, because the compact design takes up little space while still providing a generous workstation for all of your office equipment. It’s amazing how a compact desks architecture radiates such a modern and open simplistic modern feel to a home office.

#2 Desk organisation is key

Office desk tidy
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Strategically organising your desk will help you productively get more work done in the long run. Less clutter can ultimately reduce stress, and will significantly improve your mental energy. Transforming your desk into a professional and clear looking work space will allow you to clear your mind and achieve the best working results. Handy desktop tidies are a wonderful way to organise your desk. A desk top tidy will neatly store away all of your pens, rulers, erasers and more, freeing up more space for your other items. You can also get cute desktop draws and organisers, which are brilliant for storing away papers and folders. 

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Adding the right lighting is a critical part of a home office set up. For computer work, reading, writing and other office related tasks, an adjustable task light is ideal for well defined lighting. Desk lamps with a flexible arm ideally what you need, as you can adjust the height and angle to suit your requirements. There are so many task lighting options, that provide the optimum lighting your office needs, all the while offering that extra stylish modern glow. 

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Stunning and unique botanicals have a way of instantly freshening up a space visually and subconsciously. House plants can really heighten the senses, they’re known to boost mood and concentration levels, which make them perfect not only for the home but your work space also. Natural plants really work well, as they release moisture vapour, which increases humidity of the air around them. But if you don’t want the heavy upkeep of real plants, then artificial plants are the perfect alternative. They’re low maintenance and pest resistant, plus they will brighten up your office with their realistic appearance. 

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I think grounded storage boxes are hugely underestimated, but in fact they make the best storage solutions for all office equipment and documents. Trendy stackable options are available to show off in a range of different materials and all shapes and sizes. Storage and archive boxes are wonderfully versatile too, you can place your boxes within any space you see fit. You can pop your boxes into an empty corner or even under your work desk, a great space saver! 

Home office desk

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