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5 interesting ways to lighten up your hallway


Hallways that lack natural lighting can appear dull and rather bleak, which ultimately can have a negative impact on our mood and energy levels. Shortage of hallway windows tend to be the main culprit when it comes to inadequate natural lighting. I’m going to cover some easy touches that will both capture and reflect light for your dingy hall way in the best way possible. 

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Recessed functional and sculptural staircase lighting can make a significant difference to your hallway lighting. Feature staircase lighting creates a welcoming ambience, dramatically enhancing the look of both stairs and the surrounding area. LED lights are the ideal light source, as they don’t use a huge amount of light or energy, allowing subtle orientation lighting.

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Eye-catching wall shelving can be the perfect addition to your plain hallway wall. Shelving will allow your floor space to be free from clutter, instantly opening up your hall space and providing a light airy feel. Hall way shelving isn’t just practical, your shelving can be a striking focal point for your hallway. Add colourful vases, books, boxes, plants and ornaments to create both a unique and vibrant display for your hallway.

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Another way to brighten your dark hallway is to add white paint. A hallway without windows can feel cave-like, so choosing a light paint colour can instantly refresh your hallway walls, reflecting light and keeping your hallway brighter. Light walls also serve a great purpose for allowing colourful gallery walls and decorative shelving.

Create a light and bright wall gallery

Wall art

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If you’re thinking of ways to brighten up your blank canvas, then considering a wall gallery is a very affective way of accentuating your space. There’s a wide range of picture-perfect pieces available, ranging from floral to abstract prints. Stamp your own personality into your hallway space, by adding a characterful collage of creative art work. 

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Mirrors have a great way of capturing and projecting artificial light into darker spaces. Mirrors are not only beautiful to look at, but they also create the illusion of extended space, visually amplifying light and adding drama. As a tip, placing mirrors on opposite walls will instantly light up your hall way, creating an expansive and much brighter feel. Hanging a hallway mirror above a console table (as featured above) will accentuate your decorative items, instantly drawing all eyes in. 

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