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5 innovative ways to style your side table

Side table decorative ideas

Side tables are often just seen as functional furniture pieces, but if styled right they can be transformed into stunning focal features. Pulling your room’s decor together, a well styled side table will ensure that character is reflected into your own personal space, creating an all round unique vibe. While it’s easy to pick from all of the many shapes and sizes of side table, it’s not always easy to know which decor route to take, but fear no more – Decoromma is here! Keep reading for innovative ways that will take your tablescape to the next level. 

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Nothing illuminates a space more wonderfully than soothing ambience. Uplifting the mood with candles, scented jars, oils, diffusers and dull lighting will instantly surround your room with atmospheric depth. Your side table surface is a ideal spot to gather together all of your favourite items, creating a serene and relaxing feature point. Why not add a glass tray to add more sophisticated layers to your table. 

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Sometimes little can equal much more when it comes to styling. Serving your side table as a visual focal point, will often mean adding one large statement making item which will draw all eyes in. When choosing the right centre piece, it’s important to keep in mind style, size, shape, colour and material, plus will your statement piece compliment your existing style and decor. Your one statement piece, will be your signature eye catching feature therefore you won’t want it overshadowed or overlooked. 

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If like me, you love reading – then you could create your own little book stack. While it’s certainly a practical and budget friendly idea, it also gives off a both a cosy and modern feel. Books offer the perfect way to create an easy centre piece plus they add varied height to un-noticed tables. If you wanted to add more depth, you could arrange other accessories with your books, which will unexpectedly create more interest to your side table. The technique of adding items on top of your books is becoming a really popular trend lately, and it’s not difficult to see why. By using this dynamic technique you’ll be adding heightened layers of eclectic appeal to your collection, instantly drawing all eyes in.

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If you’re looking to add glamour and shine to your side table, then a mirrored tray is the ideal way to exude elegant radiance. Your tray will not just act as a decorative feature, it will serve as great storage for all of your treasured vanities, such as fragrances, jewellery and beauty products. Not only will your table tray look incredibly stunning, the mirrored base will also allow light to reflect beautifully in and around your space. If you don’t want to go for a full mirrored side table and instead you’re looking for a little opulence to brighten things up, a mirrored vanity tray is the ideal choice. 

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Lighting can really switch things up when it comes to gorgeous home decor, especially with side tables in mind. Nothing accentuates a side table more so than warm, soft lighting. The style of your lighting will also speak a lot about the character of your room, therefore it’s good to do some research before picking out the ideal side table lighting. You’ll want to find a table lamp that fits well with your current room’s decor and colour scheme. Adding stylish accent lighting to your room will bring light and joy to your space but at the same time it will serve the practical purpose of task lighting if you love reading based activities. Freely adjustable task lamps provide a well positioned light source because they’re designed to focus light in specific areas, perfect for letting you get on with all of your reading and writing activities! Swing-arm lamps are a great choice for task lighting, because the reaching arm allows its glow to be positioned perfectly, when you’re undertaking focused tasks.

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