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5 Glamorous decorative accessories that will modernise your home

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Decorative accessories are the radiant little touches that create the perfect homely atmosphere. Without any accessories, your interior will be left looking and feeling incredibly unloved, and we certainly don’t want that! While there’s so many gorgeous choices of accessories that will accentuate a space, I’m here to cover the top 5 quirky accessories that will glamorise your home to no end. 

The Sputnik large wall clock in black can be found on the Made website 

Wall clocks are still incredibly fashionable accessories in home design today, remaining timeless features (pardon the pun!) in the modern world. I love that there’s a huge array of contemporary clock choices these days, constructed from various materials, offering both stylish and practical solutions for all types of home. I’m always on the lookout for distinctive characterful pieces, and I’m fortunate to have come across this super stylish, yet affordable Sputnik clock that I’d like to share with you. With elegant brass accents and long decorative spokes, this stunning time piece will make a bold statement, serving as a striking focal point in a room.

You’ll find this uniquely stunning Golden unicorn ornament at Artisanti

As huge animal lover myself, I’m such a big fan of contemporary style animal ornaments. These stylish & quirky figurines are super cute and they add wonderful charm and character to the home. From small ceramic items to hand-carved wooden ornaments, there’s always a great deal of choice when it comes to materials, while there’s so many different animal options to pick from too. As a child, I had a deep love for majestic, mythical creatures and this passion of mine still remains today. I added this beautiful golden unicorn to my collection a while ago, and it’s one of my treasured ornaments. There’s a mysterious glow that radiates through from my precious golden unicorn into my interior space.  

View the Klein Copper tea light candelabra on the habitat site

If you’re looking for creative inspiration, then why not think about adding candelabras to your decor. These understated modern candle holders are a wonderful way of adding a touch of welcoming elegance into your home, and they’ll seamlessly fit in anywhere. Copper is a hot trend at the moment, so if you want to get on board with this sleek material, then the Klein tea light candelabra is the ideal choice. You’ll be creating the perfect atmosphere for any occasion displaying these wonderful accessories. 

The YU FENG Classic Vintage Antique Heart Shape Jewelry Box Ring Small Trinket Storage Organizer Chest in silver is available at Amazon

It’s not always easy thinking of new creative ways to spruce up a space, however it’s all about thinking outside of the box…literally! Trinket boxes are nifty little items that will shape the style of your decor enormously. Pretty, handmade trinket boxes are lovely accessories to have, as they make very stylish accent pieces. I’ve cleverly placed several decorative boxes between some books and my ceramic vase, they subtly brighten everything up wonderfully. 

This classy French vanity mirror in brass, can be found at Cox & Cox


If you thrive on elegance, then choosing a vanity mirror for your decor is a great way of bringing a wealth of luxury to your life. These transportable table mirrors make an excellent statement pieces, capturing the whole essence of a room wonderfully. My cherished brass vanity mirror exudes sophistication and charm. I love how my mirror reflects rays of lightness into my bedroom while it only takes up a little amount of space. When you’re home designing, you need to take into account the space you have at your disposal, therefore it’s great having a space-saving functional accessory that fits in so perfectly.

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