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5 creative ways to style your home with mirrors

Living room wall mirror

Mirrors have so many amazing benefits – they reflect light, add vast dimensions to any space, plus they just look pretty great in general. Mirror styles are increasingly changing, becoming ever more distinctive and creative these days. I don’t think there’s a mirror style that has not already been created! There’s many a style of mirror, ranging from classic square to geometric abstract. So, where do we even begin when it comes to adding mirrors to our interiors? Well these creative mirror styling ideas will give you an insight into the wonderful world of mirror design. 

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Window style wall mirrors are ideal for dark and dingy closed up spaces. Cunningly styled, a window mirror tricks the eye into thinking there’s actually a mirror there, which in turn brings in more light and space beyond the walls. I adore window mirrors because their sleek frames and window like shapes ooze class and sophistication. The colour you choose for your frames can also have a strong impact on your rooms existing colour scheme

If you’re looking for a straightforward way to cluster your mirrors, a great solution is the Circles Decorative Mirror on the Cox & Cox site

 If you’re looking to create a unique display, then a cluster of small round mirrors makes for a striking feature gallery wall alternative. A charming collage of circular mirrors not only creates greater reflection, but provides a majestic eye catching focal point. Your cluster of mirrors will work best on an empty wall, as you’ll want to capture the full essence of your eye catching mirror display. 

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Investing in a mirrored wardrobe is the perfect option if you want to eliminate the use of a stand alone mirror and you prefer a multi functional furniture piece. A mirrored wardrobe is not only a brilliant storage solution, but visually it instantly opens up your space, reflecting natural light in. Sliding doors are a great option, as they are so much more streamlined than your hinged door wardrobes, the doors are designed so they’re so seamless and sleek. What could be better than having your own fun length mirrored walk-in wardrobe, when you’re getting ready and doing your hair for a night out.

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If you want a contemporary full-length mirror design without the hassle of wall mounting, a leaning mirror is certainly the way to go. There’s something so unique about the way a quirky leaning mirror sits so freely and casually. You could opt for a tall leaning mirror with a geometric  frame, or instead choose a smaller mirror with a classic metallic finish, the world is your oyster. I like to mix and match a display of different sized leaning mirrors for maximum effect, as each mirror effortlessly compliments the other.

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If you want to make the ultimate statement, then you need to maximise a mirror’s impact by creating a focal point. It’s all about positioning and making sure your mirror is the main feature on the wall it’s placed upon. Your bold and eye catching mirror display should be the anchor that guides the rest of the surrounding decor. It’s important to avoid hanging your mirror where it will reflect a busy or cluttered area, instead your statement piece should stand out solely, enhancing the rest of your decor. The main thing to remember, is your statement piece should reflect who you are personally, being the main thing people will remember they they visit your home.

Wall mirrors

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