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5 creative ways to decorate your empty fireplace

Living room fireplace

If you have a fireplace, now is the season to start getting inspired with beautiful decor ideas. As winter approaches and the colder weather sets in, we turn to our fireplaces for some much needed warmth and comfort over the winter/autumn months. A fireplace will instantly bring charm to a characterless space, but without the right aesthetics, your fireplace could end up looking washed out and lifeless. I’ve compiled some top fireplace decorative ideas that will ‘fire’ up your imagination.

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Built in fitted shelving that wraps around fireplace is a great way to utilise space. A protruding shelve over your fireplace is not only practical for extra space, it also can create a very eye-catching statement making piece for your room. There’s so many creative ways to spruce up your shelving, such as adding books, picture frames, media equipment and small ornaments. You can also liven things up by adding symmetrical sideboard units to the bottom of your shelving. The options are endless.

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Hanging lighting can completely captivate the essence of a fireplace. An  illuminating array of hanging lights can elevate a dark and shy fireplace into a striking statement piece. Hanging lighting is both functional and fashionable and a wonderful way to light up empty fireplace, with minimal effort required. Hanging pendant light clusters are all the trend right now. I particularly love pendant lighting because you always get a high level of style and elegance through the contemporary and delicately mastered designs. I find that with pendants, they are also an ideal choice for fireplaces, because they are subtle enough to brighten up the space, without stealing any attention away from your statement making fireplace. 

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If you love abstract design, you could implement an abstract theme into your fireplace. Abstract is very bold and energetic, so it’s important to reflect this through your decor. There’s lots of unique or custom, handmade pieces that will add a sprinkle of pizzazz into your space. Art work is especially wonderful, as you’ll find that there’s a wide variety of inexpensive large scale abstract painting and prints that will instantly compliment the top of your mantle piece.

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You can create great focal interest for your fireplace by mixing and matching a selection of pretty candles, ornaments, vases and plants. By effectively using different candle and lantern heights, shapes and sizes, you can create an eclectic and personalised look for your mantelpiece. If you had more of a rustic vision in mind for your fireplace, you could add wooden candlesticks and carved ornaments. For an luxurious looking display, you could add silver and glass vases, tea lights and candle holders.  If you’re a nature freak like me, you could create a floral display for a harmonious and calming effect.

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If you want a light, bright and airy cottage type feel for your fireplace, then a casual shabby chic style will certainly bring something new to the mix. Shabby chic styled fireplaces tend to be all white, or light coloured with a stained wood style. It takes minimal effort and expense to create an original refined chic look, all you need is a mantel of wood or a whitewash finish, complimented by white clocks, frames and accessories. Vintage prints and texted items work really well too. 

Modern living room fireplace

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