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4 Wonderfully fun kids bedroom decorating ideas

Kids bedroom

Designing a child’s bedroom gives us the golden light to re-create the ultimate dream bedroom that we always desired as children ourselves. As a child, I used to love reading home design catalogues, I was inspired by all of the picture perfect kids bedrooms featured on each glossy page. Embarking on a new journey decades later is an exciting challenge because ultimately we have more leeway to take creative risks with our kids bedrooms, rather than the rest of our home. Bolder statements are made through our children’s magical and flamboyant designs, colours and themes. Involving your child in the design process too, can also be a very rewarding experience because you get to discuss fun ideas together as a tag team. A room that reflects your child’s personality is key, so ideally your child’s contributions should always be welcomed greatly. Budget doesn’t have to be a factor either, there’s a world of wonderful low cost designs and possibilities at the drop of a hat. Unleash your inner child and check out the following decorating ideas for a wonderful kids bedroom. 

A thematic bedroom is the perfect way to explore lots of imaginative ideas for your child’s bedroom. Theme ideas include fairytale, cartoons, musical creatures, pirates and the list goes on… A great example is a unicorn themed hideaway, as shown above. A pink, mauve and white palette adds rich texture and depth to the colour scheme. Too much of one colour can wash out a room, therefore it’s more effective to mix one neural with a combination of one or two brighter colours. Calming pink can blend well with the passionate and creative hues of mauve. You can  lighten your room up with white flooring, furniture or accessories. 

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Kitting your child’s bedroom out with stylish and spacious bedroom storage is top priority during the design process. You’ll want to fill your child’s room with fun and fresh furniture that offers functionality and space. There’s such wonderful storage options for kids, ranging from vanity tables, desks, drawers, cabinets and bookcases, through to toy boxes and chests. If your child has the right storage in place, it will be a lot harder for your child to create mess and to build up unwanted clutter. The colour and style of furniture you choose will influence the rest of the bedroom you’re designing. If you wanted to give a classic, traditional look, you could opt for white natural wood. If you wanted a more sleeker modern feel you could go for a minimalist glossy wood composite look. To add warmth you could try classy oak wood. Arranging furniture can sometimes seem a little daunting at first, but don’t be afraid to play about and experiment. Try using up your free corners with built in shelving Another option is to buy a bed with built in drawers, to maximise space. If you can, try to keep the bed away from the main furniture as this will open up the floor visually, creating the illusion of more space. 

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For younger kids that love to be entertained for hours, why not create a fun corner for them. You could set apart a little corner in your kids bedroom for your child to hideaway and play. There’s lots of practical, aesthetic and fun ways that you can transform an empty corner into a kids play haven. A great way to draw life your kids play zone, is to add fun art to the walls, beanbags for relaxation and fun accessory toys. Kids that love to get creative, would enjoy an arts and craft table for various fun activities. A mini library would also be beneficial too, as it will encourage your child associate fun with learning. 

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We all know that practical lighting is an essential in home decorating but who says we can’t make lighting more fun. There’s a wide range of light and bright themed fixtures for kids in stores now, from bedside lights to wall lights. My favourite is the luminous kids glow lights, they can shine in a whole host of bright colours. Kids love colour, watch your child’s face light up with joy when each colour reflects brightly through the room. There’s lots of funky luminescent choices of lights while there’s also more simplistic subtle options. With so many creative and innovative designs about, you can pick the perfect lighting accompaniment to enhance your child’s bedroom.

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