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4 of the greatest living room colour combination scheme ideas

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Whatever your decorating style, your colour scheme will set the tone for your entire living room. Choosing the right colour combinations are fundamental to your living room decor, because when selecting a scrupulous colour palette, you impart meaningful atmospheric affect. When it comes to colour combinations, it’s all about creating the perfect colour balance for your living room. Contrasting colours intensify different moods and emotions, so it’s important choosing a colour scheme that fits well with your character and works well with your space. Today we’re going to be looking at 4 inspiring colour combination ideas that will make your living room the ultimate fashion-forward place to be.

Mint, green, grey and gold

mint, green, grey and gold

Green isn’t always the first colour to spring to mind, when were initiating our interior plans, however green is an underestimated gem if used correctly. Contrasting shades of green, such as mints, seafoams and emeralds will bring natural vitality and effervescence into the room. When matched with grey, your accent greens will instantly stand out, exuding striking sophistication. Add a touch of gold in there, and you instantly bring luxurious charm to the space. Try using your accent green and golds within your room accessories, such as your wall art, vases, footstools, cushions, side tables and lamps.

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Black, white and grey

black, white and grey colour scheme

Grey, black and white are simple neutral colours but they make a dramatic statement when they are all effectively worked into your space. These timeless and classic colours bring subtlety and mystery, creating an overall look of modern elegance. Black really excels in modern settings, contributing sharp and bold elements. Versatile hues of grey then enhance further with cooling tones to the room. Whites evenly lighten the space, breaking up the darker colours. Balance and harmony are key when it comes to how you use your blacks, whites and greys, so have fun planning and creating your exeptional space. 

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Yellow, black, grey and white

If you’re looking to achieve an eclectic mix of colours, you might want to blast a rich yellow accent into your colour scheme. By combining neutrals with sunshine yellow, you’ll be instantly stepping into a fun and lively atmosphere with a light hearted touch. Pops of yellow can really energise a space, whilst complimenting the less vibrant surrounding colours. Grey and yellow alone, are already a heavenly match, elegantly working in harmony together. Add black and white into the mix, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a dynamic sanctuary. Your bright yellow accents will add the desired personality, your neutral colours would otherwise not have. Geometric and zig zags patterns are simple yet striking, and these types of design work really well with yellows, whites and blacks.

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white, grey, black and gold

gold, black, white and grey colour scheme

Don’t you just adore gold? Gold is certainly the ying to my yang, when it comes to house designing. I love delicately mixing gold in into my home decor. Prominent hints of gold can really illuminate a space, bringing a wealth of rich and opulent aristocracy to any room. Working gold in with black, white and grey will flatter your colour combination to no end. You’ll see in the photo above that the use of gold is so slight, yet this touch of gold exhibits just the right balance of tone and glamour

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