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4 luxurious ways to liven up your living room

Living room

There’s no need to live in a dull living room, there’s lots of effective ways you can refresh your living room with minimal expense and little effort. You don’t need to be a professional designer either to liven up your space, I’m going to show you 4 simple ways that will transform your living room from dull to dazzling without blowing your budget.

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It’s time to embrace that awkward space in your living room. You can easily transform an odd shaped nook into a creative stylish spot, it just takes a little time and imagination. You could add some pretty woven baskets, fresh blooms, mirrors, floating shelves, ornaments, candles or some art work. It all depends on the look you want to go for, but various creative themed ideas include a cosy reading area, an artsy boutique look, or you may want to create sitting area with a pretty accent chair and soft textiles. 

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Accent lighting in the form of floor lamps are the easiest and most convenient way to bring gorgeous lighting to your living room’s empty nook. These types of stand alone lamps will instantly illuminate your space, bringing great brightness and life into the area. There are different types of living room light fixtures and lamps designed for different purposes. For example, if you love reading then you’ll want to opt for a brighter and more powerful light. However, if you want more of a decorative light, then you could purchase a pretty background accent lamp with ambient lighting.

An awkward space can actually be the perfect spot for extra storage. If you have an odd shaped corner or nook, fret no more! You can now find lots of custom furniture options, which can be built around the shape of your space perfectly. For example, a stylish bespoke media unit is a great way to put your space to good use because it will add both drawer space and depth to your set up, plus you’ll be providing your room with an eye-catching focal point.

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Warm neutrals are timeless within interior design, but sometimes a living room may just be craving a small splash of colour here and there. By bringing a little colour in your life and injecting bold personality into the space, you’ll find that your space has more personality and charm. You can elevate your living room with little pops of colour through bright textiles, furnishings, fancy ornaments and vibrant cushions. Get creative and you don’t need to go overboard with the colour either – less usually equals more! 

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Living room

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