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4 interesting alternative uses for a footstool

Footstool living room

When we need to rest our weary feet at the end of a long hard day, foot stools are the ideal furniture pieces for much needed comfort. When we think of footstools, we visualise supportive stools that elevate the foot, but there are other creative uses for these stylish footrests. Let’s have a look at some interesting alternative uses for your footstool. 

I’m always on the lookout for new storage solutions. Multi-functional footstools are the ideal space saving option, due to their compact clever design and versatile way of adapting to personal lifestyle. I already love the way that footstools blend so pleasingly into precious spaces, what better than to have a footstool that performs a wide variety of functions. You’ll find many convertible Ottoman storage footstools on the market these days, allowing innovative space for a wide range of accessories like blankets, books, magazines etc. If you admire sleek good quality products, then you’ll be head over heels in love with the range of Ottoman’s multi-purpose footstools. 

Photo sourced by Oak furniture Superstore. Product: Flora Cream Linen Round Footstool.


Looking at other ways to put your footstool to good use; utilising a stool as a pouffe/decorative table is perfect for modern living spaces. It’s an incredibly versatile option, because you don’t need to drag your footstool table out of the way when it’s not in use, it will easily convert back to your foot rest when required. Depending on the size and style of your space, you’ll find that there’s lots of tailored options to suit your needs. You could try a leather footstool for sophisticated look, or a fabric option to add a soft vintage feel to your decor.

Footstools certainly help take the weight off your feet, but there are also sturdy footstools out there that will act as useful spare seating within any space. Lately, there’s a vast of collection of footstools covered in soft, cozy fabrics with extra padding on top, resulting in the ideal comfy seating spot. Affectively, using your footstool as seating will effortlessly up the ante of extra space, plus it will add the finishing touches to your luxury hideaway. 

Isn’t this photo cute?! If you’re a pet lover like myself, you’ll savour this proactive idea. You can now buy footstools designed for small home pets, with a unique design allowing your footstool to double as a pet bed and footrest. These stools are covered in soft and durable felt, making a truly comfortable resting spot your pet. The hole in the body of the stool is designed for small pets such as cats, but bear in mind it won’t be suitable for larger pets. An alternative for bigger pets, is purchasing a super soft bean bag style of footrest, which will give your pet all of the relaxation and comfort it desires. 

Living room footstool photo

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