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4 exciting ways to style up your dining table

modern dining table

Your dining table is a multi-functional space, serving as the central family hub of the home. As we primarily use our dining table for functional purposes, the decorative treatment for our counter spaces can become neglected. By re-evaluating and adding new styles, patterns, textures, colours, shapes and accessories, you can give your dining table a new lease of life. Here’s 4 easy dining table styling ideas we want to share with you.

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In case you’re wondering, a vignette is made up of a group of thoughtfully styled items. A vignette can really leave a lasting impression on your dining table, transforming your lifeless table into a striking focal point. It can also be really fun planning and strategising your countertop arrangement, using your artistic side to create your beautiful visual composition. You could mix and match pretty flowers with a combination of glass vases and candles, or how about a trendy book stack, sided with some fruit bowls and plants.

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Why not enhance your dining room decor with a sophisticated ceramic theme. Add touch of elegance and style to your counter space with a selection of decorative bowls, jugs, vases and table wear. What’s so wonderful is the rich texture you get with ceramic material – the ceramic stone like appearance will add layers, providing your dining table with unique depth. Ceramics are available in a range of glaze, underglaze and different colour variations, which all majorly help spark creativity when you’re decorating. 

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If you’re looking to add bundles of energy, character and layers texture to your dining table, then greenery will go a long way. House plants are not only organically fresh, they are inexpensive way to add instant colour and glamour to your dining table. You’ll want to focus on selecting the best plant for the size of the space you want to fill on your dining table. You could think big, using a tall plant as a table centre piece, or you could add a cluster of small pot plants if you want more of a subtle approach. This autumn my dining table is beautifully decorated with an eye catching faux potted allium plant – it feeds lots of country, rustic charm into the space.

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Whether you require a tray for holding food and drinks or a versatile decorative piece that keeps trinkets and accessories, a dining table tray is the trendy new way of sprucing up a dining table. A high gloss accent tray is great if you’re looking to inject in some contemporary glamour, whereas stone, ceramic and wooden trays provide a more natural and homely effect. Whichever style, shape, colour or material you would like to opt for, a decorative tray will break up your tabletop space well,  adding more interest and dimension.

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