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4 easy creative ways to style your modern sideboard


Everyone needs a stylish sideboard in their lives. A sideboard isn’t just the ideal storage option, but it also makes a wonderful feature in any home. What I love most is the large surface area you get from a sideboard, making it ultra easy to display all of your treasured collectables. I think it’s a shame when sideboards are underrated and overlooked, but if a sideboard is nurtured and styled right, they can be the ultimate show stopping focal point in your home. Let’s explore 4 styling tips that will bring your sideboard to life. 

The Made Essentials Mino sideboard, Oak and Blue can be viewed at Made 

If you’re like me, an avid reader – then why not get creative and opt for a mini library look, using your sideboard to display an array of interesting books. A sideboard will let you enjoy the beauty of books visually, rather than stowing them away where no-one can appreciate them. Let your eye catching books inspire your space to the fullest, while making the most of of your trendy sideboard.

View the classic Halea Large Pine Wine Rack – Grey at Robert Dyas

Who’d have thought it…a wine rack sideboard! If you’re a wine connoisseur, looking for creative ways to display your elegant wine collection, then a wine rack sideboard is the ideal place to store your finest wine bottles. In the photo above, you’ll see that the Halea not only holds wine bottles, but you can store other items up above. Transform your sideboard into a timeless 60’s retro retreat, completing a mini bar look. Your guests will be entertained to no end!

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To boost your sideboard, add a beautiful focal point to your room with some wonderful wall art. Whether you love to fill your space with canvas art or treasured prints, your sideboard will come alive through impressive art styles and colours. With everything from retro to contemporary art, they’ll always be quirky options to liven up your sideboard. I adore animals, so with my sideboard I’ve created a cute animal collage. Guests always positively comment on my sideboard when they visit my home, and I must say, it’s lovely to hear different viewpoints. 

You’ll find a variety of modern sideboards at Cox & Cox

Sideboards are ideal for storage, but they’re even better for display use. I always love shopping for interesting statement making accessories that characterise furniture. I often visit diverse retailers such as antique, boutique and vintage shops, in search of accessories that are full of unique charm and inspiration. If you love collecting cultural and worldly items from your travels, then you could tell your story through your accessories. Your sideboard will be the perfect place to showcase all of your most treasured additions.


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