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3 Tricks to make your ceilings look higher

High ceilings

Having smaller spaces in your home, generally means lower ceilings. It can be incredibly frustrating when you are working with an claustrophoic 8-foot ceiling, because you’re already overly cautious about minimising space further. Good news is, you can actually create the perception of height without making your ceilings any higher. With the following tricks I’m going to give you, you can make your low ceilings appear higher, creating a more open and inviting space overall.

Hang your curtains high

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Want to open up your ceiling height considerably? Then high curtains, are the way to add height and drama to your space. Classic long curtains mounted with the curtain rod close to the ceiling instead of at the window frame will create a tall and dynamic look. It will draw the eye upward along the entire height of the curtains, therefore giving the illusion of a larger room.

Choose your furniture wisely

Short furniture

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Tall and bulky furniture will really draw attention to your low ceiling. Instead, use low -profile furniture because it increases the space between the furniture and the ceiling. Opt for the lower looking sofas, stools, units, tables etc. as this will create a brighter and airy design that’s more open and spacious. 

Hang Art Work high

High wall art

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You can really make the most of your wall space, by hanging wall art way up high. Create a gallery type of wall via your empty canvas and create your own collage from scratch. Vertical art work is an ideal way to add extra height to the rest of the interior, as it ensures that all of the features that draw you in aren’t all on one eyeline.

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